How do I make a claim if my car in damaged in an accident?

If you’re involved in an accident, follow these steps to make a claim:

Gather information:

Collect the other driver’s contact and insurance details, take photos of the scene, and get witness statements if possible.

Report the incident:

Notify your insurer as soon as possible, providing all relevant information.

Submit documentation:

Provide any necessary documents, such as police reports, repair estimates, or medical records.

Await assessment:

The insurer will review your claim and determine if it’s covered under your policy and the amount of compensation.

Pay excess:

You may need to pay your policy’s excess before receiving any payout.

Complete repairs:

The insurer will either arrange for repairs or provide you with the funds to cover the costs.

Cooperate with your insurer throughout the process, and keep records of all correspondence and expenses related to the claim.

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