Taxi drivers

Taxi Drivers Worry Over New HMRC Tax Rules

The implications of these new rules extend beyond taxi and private hire services. Moreover, the legislation also extends to various digital platform...


Car Insurance For High-Risk Occupation

High-risk jobs often result in higher car insurance premiums. Why? Insurers consider these occupations risky due to various factors. For instance, circus...

Over 65

Over 65? Slash Your UK Car Insurance Costs Now!

The escalation in premiums can largely be traced back to insurers adjusting rates to cover the increased cost of claims. But here's...

Driving In Europe

Driving In Europe: British Drivers Issued Urgent Car Insurance Warning

Travelling in Europe requires more than just a valid passport and a sense of adventure. Local laws often dictate specific safety equipment...

Over-70 Taxi Driver

Worrying Insurance Crisis for Over-70 Taxi Drivers In The UK

Many seasoned drivers are now being denied policy renewals purely based on age, regardless of their driving records. Even drivers with many...

Car Insurance Costs

Navigating Car Insurance Costs

Why not start saving now? Shop around. Don't fall into the trap of renewing your insurance blindly with your current provider.


Is It Legal To Have Unrestrained Pets In A Car In The UK?

The Highway Code is clear: Under Rule 57, pets must be suitably restrained while in a vehicle. This law helps ensure that...

Young Drivers risk Fraud

Young Drivers Risk Fraud To Save On Costs

So, what is fronting? Fronting occurs when a young driver lists themselves as a named driver on a policy. In reality, they...

Private Taxi Driver

How Do I Become A Private Taxi Driver In The UK?

To begin your journey as a private taxi driver, you must first and foremost demonstrate your driving prowess. Here's the deal: a...

Speed Limiter

Mandatory Speed Limiters

Despite the advantages, several concerns about the effectiveness and reliability of current ISA technology persist. For instance, some drivers report issues with...

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