Very Cheap Car Insurance

Very Cheap Car Insurance

We know exactly what you want

Very cheap car insurance.

This is why we try our absolute hardest to help around 30,000 people get the cheapest car insurance every single month.

And not only that:

We introduce you to rock-bottom car insurance quotes from some of the UK’s best-known insurance companies.

Very cheap car insurance

I’m Martin Smith, the proud owner of

And I’m truly dedicated and passionate about saving YOU money. It’s hot-wired into my system!

Please give me a few moments and I’ll explain why.

I was born in a lower-class area of Bristol (I’m delighted to say it’s all been regenerated now).

And grew up with my mum, younger sister, and older brother.

My parents separated when I was 6 and my dad never really gave us much in the way of financial support thereafter.

So my wonderful mum had to manage to look after all 3 of us on a pittance of an income.

It wasn’t easy.

We had to scrimp and save for everything. And make every penny stretch a mile.

But we didn’t see it as a struggle.

We actually enjoyed the challenge. And had competitions to see who could get the lowest prices on everything.

I won – time and time again! (I couldn’t let my older brother win could I?).

A money-saving expert was born.

I became rather an expert in saving money and getting incredible bargains.

I did the food shopping at the local market (it was the cheapest and the best food) and to get extra discounts I helped the stall-holders with their deliveries, stacked boxes, and arranged the displays.

To bring in some more much-needed money I had 2 paper rounds. Morning and evening.

I negotiated with the newsagent for a special discount for customers who bought both papers.

And my pals and I had a very lucrative car washing round. If our clients had two cars we washed the second one for half price.

We were very popular!

This is when I began my love affair with cars.

And joy of joy I got a part-time job at a petrol station (in the days when you had your petrol pumped for you).

And I got to see, touch, and admire all the cars. Back then petrol was only 39p a litre!

My dream car? – well it wasn’t a Lamborghini, Porsche, or a Ferrari – they were way too expensive.

Instead, I pined for and saved up for a very economical Ford Fiesta.

It was a brilliant car. And very cheap to run.

My careers teacher at school knew all about my fanatical money-saving missions (I helped balance the books for the school play so the profits could be used for a new computer – and I learned all about computer programming) anyway she insisted that I became an Accountant.

And I did.

As a Chartered Accountant, my job was always to save money for the companies we worked for. I was the “go-to” expert. And my career went from strength to strength.

However, I was dismayed to see that all the savings I made never benefited the customers.

Prices always seem to zoom up and the costs I meticulously saved all went into “fat cat” salaries and massive bonuses to the pompous, arrogant, and uncaring directors.

I wanted to use the savings for the customers. So I decided to use my years of money-saving skills to drive down the cost of using your car.

The reason?

My whole family really enjoys motoring. And I hope you do as well.

For us, it’s trips to see the relations, shopping (always for the best bargains) or days out in the countryside, the seaside, or just me driving to work.

We now have a mini, my wife and kids rave about it.

And our beloved pet beagle Poppy loves pushing her nose out the back window and sniffing in the fresh air.

The rising costs of running a car.

But like you, I’ve been shocked at the soaring costs of driving.

Petrol, diesel, servicing, road tax, MOTs you name it it’s all gone rocketing up.

And car insurance, you’ve been stunned by how much it’s increased over the years.

But – this was one thing I knew I could definitely do something about.

I could use my expertise to find you very cheap but top-quality car insurance.

And with the help of my specialist car insurance team at Seopa Ltd, we have!

    • We’ve developed what we believe is the best possible way to bring you low-cost car insurance with our unique car insurance comparison site (powered by Seopa Ltd).
    • We think it’s the best – because we only use the leading, well-known car insurance companies who are absolutely determined to bring you the lowest quotes.
    • It’s an extremely competitive business, and our specially chosen companies want to and know they have to – bring you exceptional value for money to get your business.

All the companies are UK-based and are fully authorised and regulated.

And are long-established and fully financially secure.

So you always have reputable, reliable, and dependable car insurance.

You’re in very safe hands.

They also have friendly trained customer service staff and understanding claims professionals who expertly handle claims quickly.

This is why you have insurance – with no fuss – if you need to make a claim.

And we have another fantastic way we get you cheap car insurance.

Not only do we use the lowest-cost insurance companies – we also use insurance brokers.

They have car insurance companies who don’t use comparison sites – but we have access to them – and they can be the very cheapest.

This gives us an overwhelming advantage in getting you very cheap insurance because other price comparison sites only use insurance companies and completely miss the very best prices.

I told you I was passionate about saving you money!

Myself and my trusted team at Seopa Ltd – they too are devoted and enthusiastic in bringing you sensational money-saving car insurance – it gives us all the greatest pleasure knowing we search hard for the very best deals.

And we’ll do everything possible to bring low-cost car insurance.

With our brilliant value insurance companies plus the extra benefit of also using insurance brokers with their amazingly low-cost companies – it all helps make sure we do.

We’ve also made our site incredibly quick and easy to use.

We know you’ve got 101 other things to sort out. And you don’t want to spend hours digging out the very cheapest quotes. We’ll do all this for you.

So just:

Press the ‘Buy cheap car insurance today’ button on this page
And the good news is – it takes less than 3 minutes – it’s lightening fast
Type in a few details – unlike so many other comparison sites we don’t bore you with irrelevant, endless, silly questions
And watch this! – type in your car registration number – and your make and model pop up on the screen
Put in your postcode and instantly – your address is listed for you (our programmers really have done everything possible to save you time)
Our powerful cutting-edge software (one of the best systems in the entire industry) extensively searches all our 100+ recommended companies and brokers – and carefully picks the lowest prices – based on the exact cover and details you want
That’s it! – you now know you have low-cost car insurance from a top-brand company
And in a few clicks, you buy your policy directly from your chosen insurance company using their secure, safe and sound online technology

Very Cheap Car Insurance

Here are some useful tips to help get you to get the policy you want at the very cheapest price.

Buy Your Car Insurance Online

It saves the insurance company costs and these are passed on to you. And by using our comparison site you can be sure we’ll get you our lowest prices from the most competitive companies. And we’re open 24/7 – 365 days a year so we’re always convenient for you

Don’t Wait For Your Renewal

Your current insurance company may be charging you a fortune. So get a new low-cost quote. Even if your company has a “cancellation” fee you could still save a huge amount of money by changing your insurance company to a much cheaper one – still with the same – or even better cover

Carefully Look At Your Best Payment Option

Most companies let you pay by instalments. But they have to charge interest. If you can, pay the premium in one go. Or to help with your cash flow – use an interest-free credit card. Or a card with a low-interest rate. And to save more money try and pay the card back in full each month.

Only Pick The “Extras” You Want

Don’t pay for anything you don’t want. If the company offers you a breakdown cover which you already have – you don’t need it twice. If they offer cover for satnavs or other valuable belongings you could remove them from your car. Take out any unneeded “add-ons” from your policy and it will be even cheaper.

Choose the Best Cover For You

If your car is valuable you should consider a fully comprehensive cover. The big advantage is – if the accident is your fault – you’re covered for damage to your car as well as personal injury costs. You’re also covered if your car is vandalised. Or if someone damages your car and drives off.If Your Car Is Less Valuable

Or you feel that you are an extremely careful driver. And are unlikely to have an accident which is your fault. You can opt for Third Party Third Party Fire or Third Party Only cover. But often it’s not any cheaper. Insurance companies found that many drivers on lower cover tend to be the highest risk (mainly young drivers). They are more likely to make a claim and perhaps don’t take as much care with their cars. So do get quotes for all covers.

Only Have Regular Drivers On Your Policy

You can always add someone to your policy for a few days when they really need to drive your car.

Choose The “Use of Your Car” You Need

Don’t take “business” use if you only drive your car to work and use it for social domestic and pleasure because business cover can increase your premium.

Build And Protect Your No Claims Bonus (NCB)

You build up your No Claims Bonus every year without making a claim. This of course has a dramatic effect in slashing your premiums. After 4 years you can “protect” your bonus. It’s well worth doing because accidents do happen, and it’s reassuring to know your bonus won’t be affected and your premiums won’t soar up. Increase Your Voluntary Excess

The higher your voluntary excess the more you substantially cut your premium. The excess is the amount you pay if you make a claim. Be careful not to set an excess that is outside your budget.

Don’t Over Estimate Your Mileage

The fewer miles you drive, the greater the savings you could make. A drop from 20,000 miles a year to 10,000 could save more than £100.00, depending on the provider. But remember, it’s your car, so work out how much you want to use it.

Fit an Alarm and An Immobiliser

Most cars made after 1998 have them. But if yours doesn’t it’s a terrific investment. Because it greatly reduces your premium. “Thatcham” approved category 1 is the best. Also, a “tracker” which helps find your car if it’s stolen can knock your premium down.

Don’t Modify Your Car 

This bumps your insurance up. If it is “modified” and you feel it’s not worth it you can always change it back to the original
Cherish Your License.

Try and avoid speeding tickets

or any other motoring “sins”, the cleaner your license is, the less your premiums will be.

If You Have Garage

Keep your car in a locked garage. Of course, it’s more secure and saves money on your premium. One of our customers told us – they had £250 of “junk” in the garage but their £17,500 car was parked on the driveway. Another customer told us they had a “garage” sale and made enough money to pay for their premium and buy a shed to keep all the gardening equipment in!
You’ll Also Protect Your Car In A Garage – From harsh weather and won’t it be good to know it’ll be so much warmer first thing in the morning!

Carefully Park Your Car

Try and park it in safe lighted areas to help prevent anyone vandalising or stealing it. Sadly 50% of motorists have had their cars vandalised. Costing over £953 million a year. And if you’re in a car park try and find a bay away from other cars particularly larger ones to avoid anyone bumping, scraping, or scratching yours.

Buy the “Right” Car For You

If you are thinking of changing your car. Choose one that’s best for you. Consider a smaller engine, it’s more economical to run and your insurance is significantly cheaper. Also if the car is a well-known popular make, repairs tend to be cheaper and this lowers your insurance premium.
Now all you have to do – is put us to the test. You need to know how much you can save!

And get your very cheap car insurance.

 We save on your Car Insurance

We don’t spend tens of millions on TV Ads, trying to “entertain and amuse” you (many customers have told us these Ads just irritate them), and we want every possible saving passed directly onto you.

And you don’t want us to do “free” toys. Which is just as well – because Poppy our faithful beagle sits in the office with us and she would want them all to herself and chew them to shreds!

Anyway, our customers said they don’t want gimmicks adding to the cost – I’m sure you feel the same way – because you want low-cost car insurance!

“I’m delighted you’ve saved me £176.98 on my car insurance. Other comparison sites were much more expensive. It annoyed me because as soon as I used them I immediately got lots of phone calls from high-pressure salespeople desperately trying to sell me their more expensive policies.

In these troubled economic times, it was so important that I saved as much as possible on my car insurance.

I just wanted the cover with the options I needed at the very cheapest price and without any hassle, you got it to me. Thanks so much”

Jack Nichols, Occupation, Office Manager, Tilbury, Essex

Getting a Quote

So, just press the “Get a Quote” button on our main site –

And in less than 3 minutes – you’ll have our cheapest quotes from the leading Insurance Companies who are truly dedicated to bringing you astonishing value for money.

Please don’t accept any other Quotes until you’ve tried us! – we want to save you more money.

Unlike other comparison sites we won’t blitz you with any phone calls, bombard you with nonstop emails, or plague you with any frenzied hard-sell tactics others use.

The decision is always yours.

Your Quote is of course Free of Charge and you are not under any obligation.

And like our other 30,000 visitors a month – we want you to see just how much you can save.

Please don’t spend a penny more of your hard-earned money than you have to for quality car insurance.

Through the comparison service provided by Seopa Ltd, we can bring you cheap prices.

So you can slash the cost of your motoring – and relax with complete peace of mind.

Knowing you have cheap car insurance from a top quality, reputable, and dependable insurance company.

Wishing you happy and much cheaper motoring.

Martin Smith

P.S. Please don’t pay more than you should for your car insurance.

Just press the ‘Buy cheap car insurance today’ button below to see just how cheap your car insurance can be.

Car Insurance And in under 3 minutes – you’ll get your low-cost car insurance Quote designed precisely for you with the cover and all the details you want from a top-brand insurance company.

Remember, unlike other comparison sites, we use the best, low-cost insurance companies and insurance brokers with their brilliantly competitive prices via our friends at Seopa Ltd.

All companies are determined to give the greatest value to car insurance.

So we can bring you very cheap quality car insurance.

You’ll be delighted with the money you can save!

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