AA says car insurance rates finally stop rising

It seems that car insurance rates have finally stopped rising, according to the recently revealed research findings of a survey conducted by the AA that indicated that car insurance companies keen to remain competitive have taken steps to infuse the market with more affordable cover.

Drivers drawn to low emission vehicles, new report says

Motor car insurance policy holders and vehicle owners are being drawn in increasing numbers to low emission cars, according to a recently released report from a motoring bdy, citing technological advances and rising fuel prices attributing to the decision.

Most vandalised motor in UK an everyday car

While most Brits would assume the most vandalised car in the UK would be a flash, expensive motor, recent research from a provider of discount car insurance quotes has revealed that it’s an everyday car most likely to be the target of vandals and not a luxury model.

Keep both hands on the wheel, insurer says

One direct car insurance provider has recently warned motorists to keep both hands on the wheel, after research recently commissioned by the provider of discount car insurance quotes found that drivers keeping only one hand on the wheel have a higher likelihood of being involved in an accident.