Don’t get caught out without the proper cover

It’s not news that it’s compulsory to secure at least a bare minimum of motor insurance before you slip behind the wheel, but there’s more to safe driving than just taking out the cheapest third party cover you can find and hoping for the best – you’re actually better off taking your time to select a policy that offers you the best value for money.

Premiums still on the rise, but blissfully not as high

While it may seem a bit queer to welcome rising insurance costs, many motorists have done just that, after new research from the AA indicates that the average comprehensive quote ‘only’ rose by 7.7 per cent over the past 12 months from March of 2011.

Car insurance rates still going up, but much less quickly

While it may seem odd to welcome the fact that car insurance companies are continuing to raise their rates, industry experts say that the relatively modest 7.1 per cent rise in the average price of insurance from March of 2011 is blessed relief for price increases experienced during the 12 months preceding that date.