You want a discount car insurance quote – but how on earth do you find the right one?

Well the best place is online.

Car insurance companies reduce their costs when you buy your policy online and these savings are passed on to you.

But with around 250 insurance companies and over 30 comparison sites it can be a bit of an ordeal trying to find the cheapest quote.

You’ve got more to do – than spend endless hours searching and searching for the best bargain.

All not lost. Because we really can help you.

We are absolutely determined to bring you an unbeatable discount car insurance quote with a top brand company.

And in less than 3 minutes we would love to prove it to you.

My name is Martin Smith the proud owner of cheapcarinsurance.co.uk

The reason I’m so proud?

Because every month we help over 26,000 people get their discount car insurance with all the cover and details they need.

We’re convinced we have the best comparison site – to find you the cheap quote you want.

Let me tell you why –

• We have a brilliant team of multi award winning insurance specialists – real experts in getting you the very best deals – we fight for lower prices and better rates so you can receive cheaper quotes

• We researched every make of car, insurance cover, type of drivers, occupations, and all areas of the UK

• And analysed the entire car insurance market to find you the low cost premiums

• And only chose the most sought after, leading companies who consistently give sensational value for money with their top quality policies for every type of cover and option

• And very importantly we also chose the best car insurance brokers – they have insurance companies who don’t use comparison sites – and often they are the cheapest

• This gives you a massive advantage because other comparison sites only use insurance companies and completely miss the cheapest prices.

• So with us you get the best of all worlds – insurance companies and brokers who are dedicated in bringing you the lowest quotes

All our especially chosen insurers are long established well-known companies based in the UK. So they are fully authorised and regulated. And totally financially secure – you always have safe, reliable and dependable car insurance cover.

They also have outstanding fully trained customer service staff and fast, expert understanding claims professionals.

Because it’s the very reason why you have your insurance – no hassle – if you need to make a claim.

And we’ve created our unique cutting edge comparison site, which is simple, very quick and so easy to use.

• Just press “Get a Quote” on our website www.cheapcarinsurance.co.uk

• Pop in a few details. We don’t ask endless, time consuming, silly questions

• Our advanced software (one of the most powerful systems in the industry) extensively searches – based on your exact details – all of our 109 recommended insurance companies and brokers

• And in under 3 minutes – it brings you a full range of quotes – starting with the cheapest

• You’ll be delighted when you see how low your premium is

• You simply pick your favourite – which has all the cover and options you want

• And in a few quick clicks – you buy your policy directly from the insurance company using their safe and secure online technology

• That’s it! – you now know you have discount car insurance from a top quality company

Unlike another sites we won’t blitz you with phone calls, or bombard you with non – stop emails or plague you with any of the hard sell tactics others use.

And we don’t spend tens of millions on TV Ads, trying to “entertain” you (many customers have told us these Ads bore or irritate them), and we want every possible saving passed straight to you.

And you’ve asked us not to do “free” toys!

Which is just as well – because Poppy my faithful beagle sits in the office with us – I think she feels her job is to help sniff and dig out the best bargains – she would want any “toys” for herself and chew them to bits!

Anyway, as we’ve been told – you don’t want any gimmicks adding to the cost – you want a discount car insurance quote!
I am truly fanatical in bringing you – the cheapest car insurance quote with all the details and options you want.

Because I know times are terribly difficult. And I’m used to it!

I’ll tell you why it’s so important to me to bring you unbeatable car insurance.

When I grew up money was in very short supply.

There was my dear mum, older brother, younger sister and me. We lived in a desolate area of Bristol. I’m glad to say it’s all been re – developed and it’s now a lovely place to live.

To say the least we were poor. And lived on a pittance of an income. My dad left and never gave us any financial help.

We scrimped and saved for everything. To be honest we had to – there was no choice.

But my wonderful mum made it enjoyable to cheer us up. And she did. We had competitions to “save” the most money. The prize? A piece of fruit bought cut price from the local market – but it still tasted delicious.

We made sure all the bills were paid. Doing all the things we’re told to do now.

Turn the lights out when you don’t need them. Don’t waste food. Only buy what you need.

And we always hunted for bargains. Paying full price for anything was out of the question.

We didn’t have any “pound shops.” But my goodness we could make a pound stretch halfway round Bristol!

One thing we joke about today. When we needed new toothbrushes, my mum budgeted very carefully and bought one a week. And it was always my little sister who got hers first because it was the cheapest!

My mum insisted we all worked hard at school in order to get “good” jobs and escape being so penniless.

And believe it or not I became a chartered accountant. My money saving prowess went down extremely well with the clients we worked for.

But I was appalled that none of these savings ever reached the customers. They were grabbed by the directors in huge salaries and fat cat bonuses.

I had enough – I wanted to help decent people not the greedy uncaring directors.

I’ve always loved cars. We have a mini, my wife and kids rave about it. And Poppy our beagle loves travelling. Sitting in the back seat watching the world go by.

Like you, over the years I’ve seen the shocking increases in the cost of motoring.

With all the present day financial grief – it’s so critical not to spend more than you have to.

And I decided I could definitely use my skills to help save you money on your car insurance.

And now in under 3 minutes you can see exactly how we do it.

But before you get a quote – here are a few valuable tips to help save you even more money.

• Choose The Best Cover For You – All car insurance covers you for any damage you cause to other vehicles, people and property. A quick reminder because it can slip your mind – if your car is not taxed or doesn’t have the necessary MOT – this can invalidate your insurance.

• Comprehensive Cover – If your car is valuable you should always consider fully comprehensive cover. The big advantage is – if the accident is your fault – you’re covered for damage to your car as well as personal injury costs. This can save you thousands of pounds.
You’re also covered if your car is vandalised. Or if someone damages your car and drives off.

• Third Part Fire and Theft – If you feel you’re an extremely careful driver. And are unlikely to have an accident which is your fault. You can opt for Third Party Third Party Fire.
Your car is only covered if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.

• But Often It’s Not Cheaper – Than comprehensive cover. Insurance companies found that many drivers on lower cover tend to be the highest risk (mainly young drivers).
They’re more likely to make a claim and perhaps don’t take as much care with their cars. So do get quotes for all covers.

• Third Party Only – It’s the minimum cover required by law. It only covers damage you cause to other vehicles, people or property. Your car is not covered.
Only consider this if your car is a very low value.

• Only Have Regular Drivers On Your Policy – The fewer drivers you have the less your premium costs. And it’s always cheaper to have experienced drivers aged over 25. To save money you can always add someone on your policy for a few days when they really need to drive your car. Rather than the extra costs of having them permanently on your policy.

• Choose The “Use of Your Car” You Need – Social – normal day to day driving is the cheapest. Social Including Commuting – Day to day driving and commuting to work. Business Use – Covers driving to specific locations for work purposes away from your permanent place of work. Commercial Travelling – covers constant work driving for example door-to-door selling, because of the miles you travel this is more expensive.

• Increase Your Voluntary Excess – The higher your voluntary excess the more you substantially cut your premium.
The excess is the amount you pay if you make a claim. Be careful not to set an excess which is more than you can afford.

• Don’t Over Estimate Your Mileage – The fewer miles you drive, the greater the savings. A drop from 20,000 miles a year to 10,000 can save more than £100.00.
Remember, it’s your car, so work out how much you want to use it.
But you might be surprised – you may drive fewer miles than you thought.

• Build And Protect Your No Claims Bonus (NCB) – You build up your No Claims Bonus every year without making a claim. This of course has a dramatic effect in slashing your premiums.
After 4 years you can “protect” your bonus.
It’s well worth doing, because accidents do happen, and it’s reassuring to know your bonus won’t be affected and your premiums won’t soar up.

• Only Pick The “Extra’s” You Want – If you need a “courtesy car” if yours is damaged or stolen then choose that option. But if you don’t need a car for a while or you have another car available you can save money by not taking it.

• You Might Want Extra Cover For Personal Belongings – But do check if these are already covered on your home contents policy.

• Take Out Any Unneeded Extra’s – Don’t pay for anything you don’t want. If the company offers you breakdown cover which you already have – you don’t want to pay for it twice.
If they offer extra cover for satnavs or other valuable belongings (cash, phones, camera’s etc) you could always remove them from your car saving you money.

• Fit an Alarm and An Immobiliser – Most cars made after 1998 have them. But if yours doesn’t it’s an excellent investment. Because it greatly reduces your premium. “Thatcham” approved category 1 is the best.
Also a “tracker” which helps find your car if it’s stolen can knock your premium down.

• Don’t Modify Your Car – This bumps your insurance up. If your car is “modified” and you feel it’s not worth it. You can always change it back to the original. For example “customised” allow wheels may look great but can increase your premium. By the way the ABI (the Association Of British Insurers) have said your premium will not increase if you “modify” by fitting snow tyres in the winter. Providing they meet your cars specifications. However, you should always tell your insurance company if you do this.

• Love Your License – Try and avoid speeding tickets or any other motoring “sins” the cleaner your license is, the less your premiums are. And it does increase with the number of points you have on your license.

• If You Have Garage – Keep your car in a locked garage. Of course it’s more secure and saves money on your premium.
One of our customers said to us – they had £250 of “junk” in the garage but their £17,500 car was parked on the driveway.
Another customer told us they had a “garage” sale and made enough money to pay for their premium and buy a shed to keep all their gardening equipment in!

• You’ll Also Protect Your Car In A Garage – From harsh weather and won’t it be good to know it’ll be so much warmer first thing in the morning!

• If You Don’t Have A Garage – If you can – park on your driveway. Premiums can go up if you use the street to park your car overnight.

• Don’t Use a Credit Card to De-ice Your Windows! – 14% of motorists do this but it can damage your card and when you try and use it – it doesn’t work! Also 53% of motorists still use boiling water, which can crack your screen. Also when you’re defrosting don’t leave your engine running and your car unattended – because – yes you’ve guessed an opportunist thief can easily steal your car

• Carefully Park Your Car – Try and park in safe lighted areas to help prevent anyone vandalising or stealing it.
Sadly 50% of motorists have had their cars vandalised. Costing over £953 million a year.
If you’re in a car park, especially supermarkets! – try and find a space away from other cars particularly larger ones to avoid anyone bumping, scraping or scratching yours.

• Buy the “Right” Car For You – If you’re thinking of changing your car. Choose one that’s best for you. Consider a smaller engine, it’s more economical to run and your insurance is significantly cheaper.

• Also If Your Car Is A Popular Make – Repairs tend to be the cheapest and this lowers your insurance premium.

• Be Aware of Other Drivers – You drive safely, and don’t use your car when you’re really tired or make journeys in awful weather unless they are essential.
But not every driver is as careful as you!
So always be vigilant of other drivers.
Don’t get angry, you are so much better than they are – just avoid them.

• Don’t Wait For Your Renewal – Your current insurance company may be charging you a fortune. So get our cheapest quote.
Even if your company has a “cancellation” fee you could still save a huge amount of money by changing your insurance company to a much cheaper one – with the same – or even better cover.

• Never Accept Your Insurance Renewal – It may be far too high.
69% of motorists don’t find out if they can get their car insurance a lot cheaper. And it costs them millions.
We want to save you money!
Current insurance companies rarely reward you for your loyalty.
But we can reward you by bringing you our cheapest insurance quote!

• Buy Your Car Insurance Online – It saves the insurance company costs and these are passed directly on to you.
It’s entirely safe to do because you’re using their advanced secure online technology.

• Carefully Look At Your Best Payment Option – Most companies let you pay by instalments. It may be cost effective for you. But they have to charge interest.

• So, If You Can, Pay Your Premium In One Go – Or to help with your cash flow – use an interest free credit card. Or a card with a low interest rate. And to save more money try and pay the card back in full each month.

• Use Our Comparison Site – You can be sure we’ll get you our cheapest quote from the most competitive top brand companies.
It takes less than 3 minutes!
And we’re open 24/7 – 365 days a year so we’re always convenient for you.

“ Our car insurance was due for renewal and we just wanted a cheaper quote with a good company.

I’m not a great computer fan, we’ve got two laptops, but I can never get near them because the kids or my wife are always using them!

So my dear wife searched online, getting quotes from dozens of different companies and comparison sites.

She spend hours and hours doing it, I just wouldn’t have had the patience.

Anyway the cheapest quote with all the cover we required was from cheapcarinsurance.co.uk

My wife insisted there must be somebody, somewhere even cheaper and was going to try another batch of companies typing in all the details for the hundredth time.

But after 20 plus hours of searching she decided that even if somebody could knock an extra fiver off it wasn’t worth another 10 hours to find out.

I think she realised having got such a cheap quote we were more than happy to buy the policy and she can do what she most likes to do with the computer chat online with our family and friends.

With the car insurance sorted”

Paul Bridges, Warehouseman, Cowley, Oxford

We’re convinced we can get you the best discount car insurance quote but the regulations don’t let us, or anyone else totally guarantee that we can.

So we put ourselves to a rigorous test.

We asked unbiased independent researchers to get literally 1000’s of quotes.

Using just about every combination possible, a massive selection of cars, covers, details, areas, drivers and options.

And time and time again – we continually got the cheapest quote!

Now we want you to be the judge. To see how much money you could save.

Just press “Get A Quote” on our site cheapcarinsurance.co.uk

If we aren’t the cheapest – then you know your renewal price or existing quote is probably the one for you.

But please check that it gives you all the cover and choices you want. And if we still aren’t the cheapest then we’ll be happy that you have got the cheapest car insurance.

But please find out! – Don’t accept any Quote until you’ve checked with us! – your current price could be far too much and you mustn’t pay more than you should.

We genuinely believe we can bring you unbeatable prices with the best policy for you. With all the cover you want.

Our specially chosen low cost insurance companies offer incredible value for money – and they want your business!

So they are determined to bring you top quality car insurance at the cheapest price.

Your Quote is of course free of charge and you are not under any obligation.

Like our 26,000 people a month – we want you to see the savings you can make – and isn’t the money better in your pocket!

We want to dramatically cut the cost of your motoring.

Knowing you have the cheapest car insurance from an outstanding, reputable and dependable insurance company.

Wishing you happy driving with a much cheaper car insurance quote.

Martin Smith

P.S. Just press “Get a Quote” on our website www.cheapcarinsurance.co.uk

In under 3 minutes – you’ll have our cheapest car insurance quote from a leading, top brand insurance company.

With the cover, details and options you need. So you’ll have complete peace of mind.

Unlike other comparison sites we use insurance companies and insurance brokers.

This gives you a huge benefit because with us – you get even more low cost, value for money companies that others just don’t have.

We want you to have an unbeatable discount car insurance quote.

Because we know you’ll be very impressed with the money you can save!