Are you at risk of an accident in the snow?

It’s the time of year again, where snow is battering the country, with more forecast for this week. While kids and those at home may love a bit of the white stuff, if you’re a motorist with somewhere to be, setting out on a journey in the snow can be fraught with danger.

The cost of motoring just went up (again)

Yes, in all-too-familiar and eerily gloomy news, the price of filling up our cars has increased once more, shooting up a gas-guzzling 4p per litre in January 2021. The average price per litre is now 118.91p at petrol stations up and down the country, while diesel has increased to 122.22 per litre.

Where you park matters

Given that for many of us, we weren’t out and about this Christmas break (thanks, Boris), and with the way

Driving Pet Peeves

If you are going to be making a trip over Christmas to see family or others in your social bubble,