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I’m Martin Smith the proud owner of

The reason why I’m so proud?

It’s because we now help around 30,000 people search for discounted car insurance from top brand insurance companies.

With the sky-rocketing increases in the cost of living and motoring (particularly petrol and diesel) – you definitely don’t want to pay more than you should – to get the perfect car insurance cover designed precisely for you.

And you want it to be cheap.

But always with an outstanding, fully authorised and regulated UK company. Who are completely financially secure and totally reliable and dependable.

Buy Cheap Car Insurance

My background is in accountancy, I ran a large firm of chartered accountants so my job was always to save money. It’s wired into my system.

That being said, I’m just a regular guy like anyone else. I have a wife, a family and a dog(!) to look after, which is why i’m always on the hunt for incredible deals at the lowest prices.

My specialist car insurance team and I have developed what we feel is the best possible way to bring you unbeatable discount car insurance.

And most importantly, we’ve made it remarkably quick and easy.

Buying discount car insurance on this website

  1. It takes less than 3 minutes – no fuss – it really is that fast
  2. Just click on one of the red “Buy discount car insurance today’ boxes on this page to get started
  3. Type in a few details – unlike other sites we don’t ask endless unnecessary, time consuming and ridiculous questions
  4. Our unique cutting edge software (provided by my friends at Seopa Ltd) extensively searches the car insurance market for you, from 100 recommended car insurers
  5. We only use well known, household name insurance companies who attempt to bring you exceptional value for money
  6. With a fabulous friendly customer service and expert claims professionals (should you ever need them)
  7. You’ll get a full range of quotes – starting with the cheapest price – with the option to ‘tweak’ your cover if required
  8. And you’ll be surprised just how many of the companies offer useful extra’s onto your policy – and the price is still as cheap as we can get it
  9. You simply pick your favourite – which has the price, coverage and additional options you want
  10. And that’s it! – discounted car insurance from a top quality company in less than 3 minutes. That’s our target!

“My current insurance company quoted me a massive £727.00. I tried comparison sites and found them either too complicated to use or they bamboozled me with lots of questions.

It took me ages to get a quote and even then they were still far too expensive. I tried It was so much easier and so much faster. And the great news is I got a quote with even better cover than my existing policy for £397.00.”

Eric Denning, Logistics Analyst. Woodley, Reading

But exactly why is car insurance SO expensive nowadays?

Well, there are a number of things happening in the market right now.

Firstly, it’s probably no surprise to learn that car insurance premiums have, on average, increased by around 35% – 43% over the last 12 months. And you may think It’s because car insurance companies rake in huge profits.

But guess what? They don’t (seriously, they DON’T!).

According to figures from the Financial Services Authority, motor insurers are now paying £1.20 in claim settlements for every £1.00 they collect from drivers.

The money to cover this gap (i.e the 20p difference) comes from the returns on their investments. But with interest rates being so low, many insurers have no choice but to increase premiums to ensure they have adequate enough reserves to service their claims.

Other reasons for the rise in car insurance premiums

Personal injury lawyers cashing in on easy money:

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) looked at 50,000 low value road accident claims between September 2014 to March 2016 and found that for every pound paid in compensation, the equivalent legal costs amounted 87p.

So drivers pay an incredible £2.7 million a day to greedy, money grabbing, shameless solicitors through their car insurance premiums – costing up to £41.00 per policy per year.

Crooked divers cheating the rest of us:

The ABI uncovers 108 fraudulent car claims a day. The AA estimates that can add £80 to the cost of every single car insurance policy sold in the UK.

Fortunately the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is currently investigating this and have the ability, if they choose, to clampdown on such practices for greater good of the industry.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel, The AA has reported a “dip” in the overall level of car insurance premiums in recent months. And I can absolutely assure you that ALL of our specially chosen car insurance companies are 100% committed to providing you with their lowest cost policies – guaranteed.

Here are some other handy tips to getting the cheapest car insurance

• Choose The Right Cover For You – If your car is valuable you should always consider fully comprehensive cover. The big advantage is – if the accident is your fault – you’re covered for damage to your car as well as personal injury costs. You’re also covered if your car is vandalised. Or if someone damages your car and drives off

• If Your Car Is Less Valuable – Many people opt for Third Party Third Party Fire or Third Party Only cover. But often it’s not any cheaper. Insurance companies found that many drivers on lower cover tend to be the highest risk (mainly young drivers). They are more likely to make a claim and perhaps don’t take as much care with their cars. So do get quotes for all covers.

• Fit an Alarm and An Immobiliser – If you don’t already have them. Because they do reduce your premium. “Thatcham” approved category 1 is the best. Also a “tracker” which helps find your car if it’s stolen can knock your premium down.

• Increase Your Voluntary Excess – A higher voluntary excess significantly cuts your premium. The excess is the amount you pay if you make a claim. Be careful not to set an excess that is outside of your budget

• Don’t Over Estimate Your Mileage – The fewer miles you drive, the greater the savings you could make. A drop from 20,000 miles a year to 10,000 could save more than £100.00 depending on the provider. But be realistic, its your car, so work out how much you need to and want to use it

• If You Have Garage – Keep your car in a locked garage. Of course it’s safer and saves money on your premium. One of our customers told us – they had £250 of “junk” in the garage but their £17,500 car was parked on the driveway!

• You’ll Also Protect Your Car In A Garage – From harsh weather and won’t it be good to know it’ll be so much warmer first thing in the morning!

• Only Have Regular Drivers On Your Policy – You can always add someone on your policy for a few days when they really need to drive your car

• Build And Protect Your No Claims Bonus (NCB) – You build up your No Claims Bonus every year you drive without making a claim. This of course has a dramatic effect in slashing your premiums. After 4 years you can “protect” your bonus. It’s worth doing, because accidents do happen, and it’s reassuring to know your bonus won’t be affected and your premiums won’t soar up

Now all you have to – is put us to the test.

And let us search for your discounted car insurance.

We don’t spend tens of millions on TV Ads, trying to “entertain” you (many customers have told us these Ads bore or irritate them), and we want every possible saving passed onto you.

And we don’t do “free” toys. Because we know you don’t want gimmicks adding to the cost – you want discount car insurance!

So, just click on the “BUY CHEAP CAR INSURANCE ONLINE” circle at the top of this page.

And in less than 3 minutes – you’ll have our cheapest quotes from the leading Insurance Companies who are dedicated in bringing you astonishing value for money.

Please don’t accept any other Quotes until you’ve tried us! – we want to save you more money.

Unlike another sites we won’t blitz you with any phone calls, or bombard you with non – stop emails or plague you with any of the hard sell tactics others use.

The decision is always yours.

Your Quote is of course Free of Charge and you are not under any obligation.

And like our other 30,000 visitors a month – we want you to see just how much you can save.

Please don’t spend a penny more of your hard earned money than you have to for quality car insurance.

We believe we can bring you the most unbeatable cheapest prices possible via our friends at Seopa Ltd.

So you can slash the cost of your motoring – and relax with complete peace of mind.

Knowing you have discount car insurance from a top quality, reputable safe and sound insurance company.

Wishing you happy and much cheaper motoring.

Martin Smith

P.S. All you have to do is click on the “BUY CHEAP CAR INSURANCE ONLINE” circle at the top of this page.

And in under 3 minutes – you’ll get your discount car insurance quote from a top brand insurance company.

You’ll be very impressed with the money you can save!