New Year, New You?

If you’re sick of hearing the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’, we don’t blame you. 

It’s unlikely many of us will morph into brand-new versions of ourselves, just because we’re moving into 2022. If the past two new years have been anything to go by, then we’re not expecting a lot of this new one.

With that being said, let’s shove the pessimist away for a little bit. 

Whilst you’re unlikely to transform into Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Brady (hi both, if you’re reading this, big fans here), there is always space to improve. Right?

So, here at CheapCarInsurance, we’re wishing you a lovely transition into the New Year. May it be as happy and eventful as you desire.

If you are planning on celebrating the incoming year, we have a couple of reminders for you. As helpful as ever, we know. 

Keep the partying away from your motor

Now, this one is said with a lot of restraint. You know, be careful and remain vigilant and all that (especially if you’re planning on attending a shindig that’s indoors, given current circumstances).

You may want to ensure the music in your car isn’t playing too loudly, no matter how much you believe everyone wants to see in the New Year listening to Abba. 

In fact, if the music in your car is too loud, you could be accused of being a public nuisance. You can guess what that results in? A lovely fat fine to help you see in the new year.

Let the engine rest when waiting for your bestie

One that you may not have heard of this time.

Did you know that leaving your engine running whilst waiting for someone could also result in a fine? It’s not much – a fixed penalty notice of £20 actually, but when going into the new year, every little counts, doesn’t it? 

So, if you’re pulling up to a friend’s or relative’s house, and you’re planning on waiting for them in the car. Let’s not risk it, shall we? Switch that engine off, lean back, and perhaps scroll through something on your phone.

Maybe you can check out that blog on CheapCarInsurance? We hear it’s pretty good.

This year, I pledge to save on my car insurance

Ah, a resolution we can all get on board with. It has a simple solution, too.
Cheap car insurance deals aren’t impossible. You can get started by completing this quick 3-minute form. What a way to start the new year, eh? You’re welcome.

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