A Reminder of Upcoming Loyalty Penalty Ban Change

Let’s not forget that you could be paying more for your car insurance from January 2022.

Is Your Car Insurance Renewal Coming Up?

If you know you need to sort out your car insurance renewal soon, it’s best to get your skates on. And that’s not just because of the icy weather we’re being graced with in the UK.

Remember a while back, we were rejoicing over a loyalty ban that was being suggested by the Financial Conduct Authority? Well, a lot of people have slept on this (including the likes of money saving expert, Martin Lewis), and you know what? 

It may not be all peaches and cream for all motorists. In fact, if you’re a driver who regularly shops around for the cheapest quotes and best offers, it’s you who needs to prepare.

There is just simply no sure fire way to please everyone, is there?

Why Should I Shop Around for Car Insurance Before the New Year?

To recap, the loyalty ban ensures that car insurance providers cannot offer cheaper and tempting deals to lure in new customers. 

The FCA found that car insurance providers were hoarding over £1billion through customers who were unlikely to shop around, and leave their policies to auto-renew. Not very fair, is it? Especially when these same providers were offering insanely cheaper premiums to new customers for the same deals. 

However, this could come back to sting motorists in the car boot. It means if you’re a motorist who regularly shops around for their car insurance, you could be facing higher costs. With providers unable to offer cheaper deals to entice new customers, it means they have to be fair with their pricing to please their current clients.

So, if you know you need to renew your car insurance soon, it’s better to sort it now than later. Especially as you could be missing out on cheaper deals that attract new customers — because those won’t be around in January, so let’s save those pounds now.

How Can I Ensure I Get the Cheapest and Best Deals on My Car Insurance?


It’s as simple as using our cheap car insurance comparison tool. It’s conveniently quick, too. A short 3 minutes is all you need to complete our form.

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