Flout the Rules; Face a Fine

It’s fairly obvious. We’ve been taught the same rule since we were children. Break the rules, and you will be punished. Severity differs based on how bad the rule-breaking is, of course. You’re not going to end up in prison for stealing a pen from work that one time. 

Now, updated rules and new cameras are out to catch UK motorists’ sinful ways.

Big Brother’s Watching You Drive Down the Motorway

A rather sinister title that has been used for dramatic effect, so please forgive us. The real truth isn’t so bad. 

You know when you’re driving down the motorway, and suddenly there is a lane closure? That lane will normally have a red ‘X’ pop up on the overhead signs. They have always been there, but now you may want to be more careful about adhering to the big red ‘X’. It has always been illegal, but now the rules are being enforced more strictly.

Smart cameras will catch you out if you’re caught driving in a lane, that has been closed. In fact, you may find yourself with an automatically charged £100 fine. As well as 3 points added to your licence.

Updates to Rule 91 and More

There are more rules than just number 91 that are being improved, but this one is an important one. 

Driving when sleepy, can now come under ‘dangerous driving’, which we all know is an offence. It falls under the category of “fitness to drive”, so if you haven’t stopped somewhere for a rest, then you may not be driving to the best of your ability. 

In fact, at least a 15-minute break for two hours of being on the road, is proposed. Needless to say, driving when you’re exhausted can have catastrophic consequences. It’s best to stay safe, and just not do it.

What Can I Do to Check I’m Up-to-Date?

The best thing to do is to keep yourself updated with The Highway Code. You can read about any of the government’s updates, right here.

You should also check you have a good car insurance policy in place, just in case you need it for any of you rebels who end up breaking the rules. It just so happens that we can help with that! Unlock cheap car insurance deals you won’t see anywhere else right here. To begin, simply fill out this quick 3-minute form.

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