The Cost of Using the Wrong Fuel

It has been an agonising week, with the fuel crisis and the media furiously whipping panic buyers into a frenzy.

Many of us have found ourselves with a lack of petrol or diesel, and there have been reports of keyworkers not being able to get to work. It is all a chaotic state of affairs, to be honest. 

We are sure all of you have a story to tell. Some of you will have been queueing for hours. Others will have been to six fuel stations before being able to fill up. Sally from next door wasn’t able to make the school run and little Donny got the day off. We even heard about a smart lady ordering a Nando’s takeaway to her car in a London queue. The things we Brits do to cheer ourselves up out of chaos, eh? Just smile and nod, everyone. We will get through this.

However, amidst all the panic, we thought it’s best to remind everyone to keep an eye on the fuel pump they grab. The AA has announced an increase in the number of motorists who have been hurriedly filling their vehicles up with the wrong fuel. Nearly five times the usual amount, in fact.

Now, under usual circumstances, it would be considered unfortunate for this to happen to anyone. However, under current circumstances, we would deem it tragic. We can completely understand how, in your haste, you may grab the wrong fuel pump and fill up your motor. Especially when you are under the assumption that said fuel may be running low.

A warning has been released from the AA, should you find yourself part of the unfortunate and tragic crew. And to save you from spending up to £200.

Here is what to do if you fill up using the wrong fuel:

  • The first thing you should avoid is turning on your ignition.
  • Do not do it! In fact, don’t even put your key in it. 
  • Next, you should contact your car insurance provider. 

Some policies will cover the damage, others won’t, and you may find yourself having to fork out for expensive repairs. To fix the issue, draining the whole tank is required. And what a waste of fuel that is, eh?

The best thing to do is to go with a policy that covers misfuelling. You’re also going to want it to be cheap, and hey, that’s where we come in! All it takes is a quick 3-minute form to begin the process. You’re welcome.

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