Why You Should Leave the Car At Home This Week

We know what you’re thinking. Have we finally lost the plot? Of all the people to do so, why on earth are we telling you to ditch the car and leave it at home?

Well, hear us out. It’s all for a good cause, actually. 

On the 22nd of September, it was World Car Free Day

All around the world, people were encouraged to leave their motors at home. Whether you’re off to the shop or doing the school run, if you are able to walk, and it isn’t too far, then go on, love. Leave the wheels behind.

Many towns and cities all over the UK took part in it this year. We noted the following:

  • Edinburgh
  • Newcastle
  • Oxford
  • Liverpool
  • Eastbourne. 

We’re sure there were plenty more, too. Did your city take part? Some schools even went as far as to shut the roads they’re on to fully embrace the day, and encourage their students to walk. This received a mixed reaction from the parents, of course. Pure genius, or pure evil? What’s your take on it?

There are a few reasons that stand out for why this is a great day to partake in, which is why we’re suggesting it goes on for more than just a day.

Your Body Will Thank You

Naturally, walking is good for you and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. So, if you’re able to walk to wherever you need to go, then why not? Sure, you might have to leave your house or flat a little earlier than usual, but relax. We’re not suggesting you do it every day. Although, your doctor might.

Your Kids Will Thank You

If you have children, you might be surprised to learn that kids from the last generation are probably healthier than you and your child. This is because 70% of Brits used to walk to school. Nowadays, more parents are using cars or sending their children off in taxis. Of course, sometimes this can’t be helped.

Your Purse/Wallet Will Thank You

It’s a no-brainer, this one. Leaving your wheels behind for a few days means saving on fuel costs. With a shortage of fuel that’s currently struck the UK at the moment, this might be a good thing anyway.

The Environment Will Thank You

Last, but not least, you’re contributing to a better environment by lowering CO2 emissions. We can all make a better impact, and this isn’t just through purchasing an electric car. 

There are several more reasons why anyone who can, should take part in this, but this would result in a very lengthy post. So, let’s end it there whilst we still have your attention. 

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