An Update on Modern Car Insurance Providers

With autonomous vehicles, robots delivering food, and black boxes acting as our cars’ shadows, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest ongoings. Well, dear reader, today we’re looking at what modern car insurance can look like.

The Marshmallow Twins

No, sadly, there isn’t a car insurance provider out there now accepting marshmallows as payment for multi-car insurance. However, there are some whizz kid twins (identical, by the way, and only in their twenties), who are looking to change the game when it comes to car insurance.

Named Alexander and Oliver Kent-Braham, these brilliant black founders (only the second to have created a ‘unicorn’) have started a company called Marshmallow. Their innovative idea is to let customers be able to make claims digitally. Launching almost 5 years ago now, they have amassed 100,000+ users in that time already.

Using an app, the company provides a portal into modern life, for those of us who use our phones for everything. Yesterday, I only just learned that we can now use our phones as bank cards, so this was a welcoming surprise.

It can also reach customers who might not have otherwise been able to go with car insurance providers who are more traditional. For example, younger drivers who would have had to take out a mortgage for their car, or motorists with lower credit scores. However, it was interesting to learn that the average age of a customer with Marshmallow was actually in their forties. Who knew?

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Need some ‘Cuvva’, mate?

Next up, we have the aptly named Cuvva. Another car insurance provider looking to revolutionise the industry. From short-term to long-term, their ‘cancel anytime’ policies are the epitome of the word ‘flexible’. 

Also using digital technology to help modernise car insurance, this company actually uses your smartphone to detect how you drive, when you drive and where you drive. Sounds a bit stalker-ish when we put it like that, but it’s essentially your phone acting as a black box. 

With many customers opting for a black box to save on costs anyway, this could be the next big thing. Did we mention that they reward their customers who drive well? They also offer incentives for signing up for monthly subscriptions.

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Where do we go from here?

Well, that’s really up to you. Car insurance truly is on the path to becoming modernized, and there isn’t really anything that can be done about it. You could get ahead of the game, or you could opt to save the pennies where they matter. Or, both!

For now, and as always, we have you covered with the best traditional car insurance providers around, offering the cheapest quotes you’ll find. You’re welcome.

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