Extinction Rebellion Warns of Car Insurance Costs

The latest protests in London, the capital of the UK, show the controversial activist group, Extinction Rebellion, objecting to rising car insurance premiums. 

Ha ha, okay, you’ve got us. That’s not quite the case. 

But with the climate change activists very much in the headlines this week, it got us thinking… Do our valued customers know about the effects of weather-related claims, and how could they impact their car insurance?

Does the UK weather affect my car insurance?

Let’s be honest. The weather here can be quite… temperamental. Some may say, it’s as unpredictable as an Under 21’s football match. 

Take today, for example. The sun was shining this morning, it was hale storming at lunchtime, and by evening we had the BBQ out again (but had to run quickly inside when it started chucking down with rain on the sausages). 

With climate change making things a lot worse, the weather’s become far more sporadic. So, is this something to be concerned about?

It can be, depending on your choice of car insurance.

When Should I Worry?

Let’s take Cambridgeshire as an example. An area that’s relatively flat and has big open skies, and unfortunately, is prone to flooding. 

Recently, the area has been affected much more, and many houses were flooded around Christmas time and more throughout this year.

There are some scary articles out there that predict a lot of the county to be underwater by the year 2050.

Here are a few tips to keep your policy in check, should you ever experience severe weather:

  • Don’t risk driving through ‘puddles’. If you think your car will become submerged, it probably will. You want to avoid risking water damage. Flood damage can cause electrical faults, too.
  • Be especially aware of extremely hot weather. Your brakes can overheat, and tyres may bulge.
  • Be careful driving in snow when you’ve had amber/red warnings. This could impact any claims you make if you have an accident. 

With the UK experiencing more erratic flooding and extreme weather, it’s best to make sure your car insurance is reflective of that. 

Check with your provider what their policy is regarding extreme weather, should you ever need to make a claim. 

The best thing you can do is to, firstly, check you’re fully comprehensively ensured. Especially if you’re worried about weather damage. Thankfully, you can get the cheapest quotes around, right here.

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