Let’s Wave Goodbye to Speeding (Maybe)

Well, it’s about time that speeding is made obsolete, don’t you think? We’re in 2021, after all, and if we can have autonomous cars, then frankly, we’re surprised it hasn’t already come into play.

New tech for new cars means speeding may become impossible

It hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but the UK is expected to follow in the footsteps of the EU, who have implemented speed-limiting technology in all new cars being produced.

Known as The Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA), this programme will be able to stop naughty motorists from breaking speeding limits. In turn, this could reduce the number of speeding fines issued, and possibly bring down car insurance premiums. Remember, your premium is calculated based on how likely you are to claim on your insurance. So less likely to have an accident = lower quotes.

Come on… We’ve all been guilty of speeding, at one time or the other. Often, many motorists are not even aware that they are speeding. So, this new tech could really help people avoid tickets, and perhaps, for those of us who really struggle to keep within the speed limit, avoid points on their licence, or even bans on driving.

Good news all around?

Providers have spoken out about the possibility of adopting this EU idea, citing it as “life-saving” and potentially more “fuel-efficient”. 

Ford has already been promoting the speed-limiting technology which is built into all their new motors. The software is automatic, and can also detect pedestrians, cyclists and other users of the road who may be vulnerable. Again, this can only be a good thing, right? We imagine this will also bring down the number of accidents, and make roads safer for walkers.

What about those of us without the technology?

Well, we’ll have to keep riding out the waves the old-fashioned way for now. How would you feel about the ISA being part of your vehicle? When you purchase a new car, will you be ensuring it has the software?

Let us know your thoughts on it all. Perhaps we’ve missed something, and there are negative sides to this, too. One point could be having to speed to swerve a collision, for example.

Until this actually comes into play, it is all still very much in talks. So, we shall have to wait and see. Until then, we’ve got you covered with the cheapest car insurance quotes around. Whether you have the infamous speed-limiting technology or not.

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