How You Can Accidentally Void Your Car Insurance

There have been plenty of posts on this subject, but it’s good to keep up to date in the age of Covid-19 and Brexit.

Not that Covid-19 and Brexit have anything to do with having your car insurance nullified, but they’re excellent benchmarks in knowing where we’re at in time.

So, the latest news is there are 5 ways in which motorists are currently being caught out in terms of their car insurance. 

Naturally, we’ve got your back with this, but we know this topic might be stressful. 

Thus, we’ll do it in rhyme, so it passes the time.

  1. Update your address and feel no stress

Firstly, we’ll begin with the most obvious. Don’t forget to notify your insurance provider if you move houses. Car insurance premiums are heavily influenced by your address, and they take several related factors into consideration. Whether this involves where your motor is parked, or even the number of accidents claimed for in your area. We’ve banged on enough about it here

  1. If you’ve modified your wheels, it’s best to reveal

If you’ve spent the money, time, and effort to modify your motor in any way, it’s a good idea to let your car insurance provider know about it. If you have an accident, you might not be able to claim against damage if it hasn’t been declared. Furthermore, pesky thieves may be more attracted to breaking into your vehicle and stealing things, if they know it has been modified.

  1. Keep your provider content with the truth if you have an accident

Please rap point number 3 in a ‘Thorpe’ accent, so it rhymes. But we’re serious about this one (and the others, actually). If you haven’t declared any damage that your car has, it can make it more difficult and expensive to insure in the future.

  1. Be honest and smile when it comes to your miles

Risk having your policy invalidated if you’re not honest about the average number of miles you expect to use your car for. If you end up using your car for work, then that’s a change of circumstances you need to tell your provider about. If your mileage is a lot higher than anticipated, some car insurance companies may dispute your policy. 

  1. Don’t be a snob when it comes to your job

Okay, there’s nothing that relates to being a snob here, but the rhyming really pleased us. If you’re actually a builder, but you’ve listed yourself as a work-at-home graphic designer… Well, that’s obviously going to affect your premium, isn’t it? Honesty is always the best policy, especially as you never know when it can come back to bite you in the rear.

I’ll be honest, I promise. What do I do next?

There’s not much else to do besides look for cheap car insurance premiums. How? Well, hello! We can help with that!

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