A Refresher Session on Multi-Car Insurance

Come one, come all to our refresher session on multi-car insurance.

Or, if it’s a topic that’s entirely new to you, then welcome to you, too. 

If you live in a family household with more than one car on your driveway (or road, garage or wherever else you park), you may want to consider multi-car insurance.

Usually, it works out as more cost-effective and generally cuts down on the faff involved.

How does it work, and how do you qualify?

The main thing to take into consideration is you can normally only qualify for multi-car insurance if you’re all living under the same roof. There are exceptions; for example, as long as your cars are all registered to the same address. There’s also the circumstance of your son or daughter qualifying, even if they’re 300 miles away, partying at some university. 

Either way, it’s always best to read over the terms and conditions with a magnifying glass, just to make sure you’re not violating any of the terms.

You’ll usually get a cheaper deal on your car insurance premiums because you’re bringing in more customers to the provider. And so, they offer you and your loving family, a discount. The discount isn’t usually too extreme. Something around an extra 10% for every motor to be added to the policy.

Why should you bother with multi-car insurance?

There are quite a few reasons to bring you over to the side of multi-car insurance:

  • It’s convenient: especially when you think about short-term cover. For example, if you and your buddies decide to book a lovely cottage on Airbnb on the Norfolk coast for the weekend, you may have several cars belonging to the same household.
  • It’s cheaper: as previously mentioned, it’s more likely for family members or people living under the same roof, to qualify for additional discounts.
  • It’s great for car lovers and enthusiasts: for collectors who have many classic cars at home, or more than one motor, it generally works out cheaper than having to put each car under separate policies. 

Is Multi-Car Insurance Always the Best Choice?

Of course not! As with anything, there are always exceptions. Premiums take many factors into consideration. For example, age, the car make and model, occupation, and others… 

The best thing you do is use a comparison website. It’s a good thing you’re currently on one offering the cheapest car insurance deals around, huh?

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