Cheer on England with a new number plate. It’s coming home!

Is it… finally… coming home?

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, the UK has been hit with a fever. This time, it’s a much nicer fever — football fever! 

The 2021 Euros has seen England glide into the final, and Brits are doing all they can to support their team. This goes as far as ordering customised number plates, we kid you not.

Now, we think it’s a lovely sentiment. It’s been a while — well, more than a while — since the male England football team made it to the European finals, so why not commemorate it, eh? We’ve spied England fans stick as many England flags to their cars as possible, not to mention this house that could probably open up a flag shop with the number they have splashed across their front.

We haven’t just thought about this out of the blue, by the way. There has genuinely been a surge in the number of people enquiring about personalised number plates, as the England football team played their way through to the tournament. 

Starting at only £250, willing fans can purchase a customised number plate from the DVLA ahead of the big final on Sunday. Although, you might be cutting it fine if you want it before the game now.

Did you know that a whopping 400,000+ customised number plates are sold to UK motorists every year? Here’s another cool fact: new number plates are the most common way in which changes are made unlawfully to a car. Do with that what you will.

So, what options are there? Why not kit your car with a “3NG74ND” plate, or celebrate the memorable football tournament with “3U50P3”? Imagine the value they could increase to if England actually wins.

In the past, enquiries for personalised number plates always surge around major tournaments. Flashier than the two England flags purchased from your local Tesco, eh?

We’re keeping our fingers and our toes crossed here. Best of luck to the England football team, and the Italian team too (but not too much).

English or Italian, fish and chips or pasta, whichever side you’re on… We’ll still provide you with the cheapest car insurance quotes around.

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