Supermarkets to Charge a Whopping £99 Deposit for Fuel

Tesco and Sainsbury’s are charging customers a deposit at their pay at pump stations.

Not just a £1 deposit as they did once before, by the way. Just in case you thought this wasn’t a big deal… This is a whopping £99 deposit! 

At the moment, this is only happening at a Tesco in Stevenage, and a few branches of Sainsbury’s. But let’s face it, if the trials are successful, and it stops customers from filling up too much when they can’t actually pay, why wouldn’t they extend the scheme to all of their supermarkets?

There are quite a few reasons why this is now happening. The first of which is to do with Mastercard and Visa. Quite a few customers using these bank issuers found their transactions (well, £1 deposits) were being declined. Something complicated to do with pre-authorisation, they say. Hmm… 

Another reason, is for the benefit of the customer – of course! The supermarkets argue that it will help their customers keep on top of their finances better. So, take the financial advice, whether you want it or not. Or, I guess, they’re only looking out for you?

On the other hand, there are quite a few Brits who already dreading the decision being extended. For example, those on low incomes who might not have £99 available in their bank to offer as a deposit. Even if you’re only planning on filling up a tenner to get home from work on Friday until the next payday. Some are even arguing this is a class issue.

We suspect it’s mainly to do with naughty drivers out there, who have been filling up and driving off without fully paying the price. However, a lot of people have been relying on using the pay at pump option in order to avoid face-to-face interaction, and maintain social distancing. Perhaps some have been taking advantage of the increase of pay at pump users… With lockdown measures easing, it’s likely more people will return to paying in-store.

So, what do you reckon? Will you be taking your fuel business elsewhere, like some people are suggesting? There is always another option, of course. Simply go into the shop and pay, instead of using the pay at pump option. If there was a shrugging emoji, we’d use it right now. 

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