Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the worst driver of them all?

Well, it’s official. We have it on good authority that BMW motorists are the worst drivers on the road.

Now, don’t go shooting the messenger. The not-so-surprising news (let’s not pretend like this hasn’t been said before) comes from Moneybarn (a firm specialising in vehicle finance). They conducted a study on driver perceptions through a survey of 4,000 people. Perhaps, it comes as no shock that Audi drivers came second. 

The official top 5 goes as follows:

  1. BMW (39.1%)
  2. Audi (14.1%)
  3. White van (7.9%)
  4. Range Rover (4.6%)
  5. Ford (4.2%)

So, did you make the list?

Maybe you’re surprised about some names on there? We certainly didn’t expect Ford to appear, but then my main perception of a Ford driver is Auntie Dorothy from next door, driving her battered Ford Fiesta 2001 model down to Tesco. Actually, thinking about it, I’m not that surprised.

How did the White Van Man escape with only 7.9% of the vote? The nation must really have a problem with BMW drivers. So, if you’re driving around in one of them, you might want to be extra careful before you’re stereotyped as one of those… Well, BMW drivers.

It’s unfortunate for BMW, but this isn’t the first time they’ve come out on top for having the worst drivers. In a similar study with GoCompare back in October 2018, they took first place then, too. And that one was with only 2000 people from the UK!

It’s a debate often heard at dinner parties, isn’t it?

Who is worst: BMW drivers or Audi drivers? What’s your take on it? We would love to know.

We’ll leave you with a little giggle this week. Try typing “why are BMW drivers…” into Google and see what comes up. You can thank us later. For that, and the cheap car insurance.

Whether you have a BMW, a car in the top 5 of the worst drivers, or if you’re simply a modest motorist of any other vehicle, at least you know your car insurance worries can be laid to rest. Have a go at filling out your details in our super easy form to gather quotes from cheap and reliable car insurance providers, right here.

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