Prove you’ve been vaccinated and get free car insurance!

This is not a drill. I repeat. Not a drill. But okay, we may be exaggerating at the extent of what “free car insurance” actually means. Keep reading for more information…

How do I get free car insurance?

Short-term car insurance provider ‘Veygo’ (yes, the one related to Admiral) is offering car insurance for FREE. 

There’s a catch, of course. You need to be able to prove you’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19. This means all you need to do is email across a photo of your vaccine card proving you’ve been and had the holy jab.

How long will I be covered for free?

Now, don’t go getting too excited, as the term ‘free’ doesn’t quite mean free car insurance for a whole year or whatever. If they did that, we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to survive as an insurer. 

However, they are willing to provide customers up to 3 hours of free car insurance. Note, that Veygo is a short-term insurer, so you are getting your money’s worth here. Or, lack of money, really…

Are there any restrictions?

No, we’re not talking about Covid-19. We’ve had enough chitchat about those restrictions, thank you very much…

There are however a few things you should know about Veygo’s offer:

  1. You’ll need to purchase 3 hours’ worth of car insurance upfront
  2. You can then have the full payment refunded once you have produced proof of your vaccination
  3. The offer is only available until the 30th of June
  4. You’ll need to be 17+ and hold a full and valid driving licence

What are the perks of short-term car insurance?

If you don’t own your own car but have a licence, borrowing a car is usually your next best bet. So, we think this is a great initiative for those who are only interested in short-term car insurance. Especially if you’ve been a bit hesitant about jumping straight back onto the public transport bandwagon. 

Why not use this deal to be covered on one of your parents’ cars for a short trip to the seaside? Or, if you live in a rural area and a group of you and your mates are off to the pub, assign yourself as the designated driver on one of your friends’ cars. Or, if you fancy tucking into a pint or two, perhaps send this blog post over to someone else who can be the designated driver… We’ve got you covered.

What do I do if I don’t want short-term car insurance?

You browse through all the cheap car insurance deals on our website, obviously! Fill in the form and let us do the rest.

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