Have you been affected by a ‘crash for cash’ gang?

You may have heard of the phrase ‘crash for cash’ floating about lately, especially if you’re in one of the unlucky areas where this scam is currently prevalent.

If this is the first you’re hearing about it, ‘cash for crash’ is a term used for swindling through the fraudulent act of intentionally crashing your car and causing a collision. This means criminals can then claim compensation for the damage, pocketing the cash for a deliberate hoax.

The IFB (Insurance Fraud Bureau) has estimated that a whopping 170,000 claims for car insurance have been made in the past 15 months alone. These claims have all been linked in some way to gangs using the ‘crash for cash’ swindle, with many innocent motorists who become unintentionally involved and affected by the ‘accidents’.

There are places in Birmingham that have been affected particularly badly, with some areas being identified as central hotspots for the fraudulent car insurance trick. This is especially bad news for honest motorists of these areas, as it’s likely that this will affect their car insurance premiums. 

However, the ‘crash for cash’ term isn’t new. For some, the deceptive scheme is even a way of life. For example, the Yandell family who made it their main source of income. Back in June 2019, three men (also from Birmingham) were jailed for using the ‘crash for cash’ scheme, involving an innocent driver, though thankfully no injuries were caused. It was unlucky for the criminals that other drivers possessed dashcam footage which showed the obvious intentions and erratic driving, causing Hastings to reject their car insurance claims.

There have been numerous cases of this scheme over the years. You may have heard or read about many, from youngsters to nurses, to gangs orchestrating multiple vehicle collisions. It seems just about anyone can be a culprit! However, the fines and jail terms should hopefully be enough to put the majority of us motorists away and off the idea, eh?

Let’s hope the number of cases of ‘crash for cash’ scams reduces, because we like our car insurance premiums low here. Why not have a look to see just how low we go right here?

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