Valued Keyworkers — Beware of Changes to your Car Insurance!

You know that saying? Not all heroes wear capes? Let’s face it, there have been plenty of capeless heroes supporting and keeping the rest of us going through the pandemic. Especially keyworkers. We bow down to you. From NHS and teaching staff to restaurant workers, delivery drivers and care workers to retail staff… There are plenty more of you that deserve so much more than praise. 

Aside from cheap car insurance deals, there’s not much else we can provide you with. However, we can warn you about an important change coming to your car insurance policy. If you’re a keyworker who used a car for work purposes during the ongoing pandemic, your insurance will have most likely been automatically relaxed or amended. Unfortunately, this support is soon coming to an end.

Initially announced in March last year, the scheme launched to support keyworkers who would still need to continue travelling to work, during lockdowns. For example, staff such as carers would be required to use their vehicles to travel to various locations, rather than their usual work spot. This obligation meant that insurance policies were amended to include any additional tasks needing to be carried out using a car. Thankfully, there was also no need to make contact with insurance companies to update details, as it was carried out automatically.

It is anticipated that this particular form of Covid-19 support comes to an end this month. We advise that you check your cover with your car insurance provider as soon as possible, to see what policy changes are coming into place. As of the 30th of April, should you be required to use your vehicle for anything other than the details you provided when signing up for your policy, you will now need to provide notification and declare further information.

Calculated by the risks posed to you and your motor, car insurance premiums will differ in price. Therefore, by failing to declare any additional journeys you now need to take, the extra risk of being on the road is no longer covered. One thing that is covered, is your back. That’s right. We’ve got your back covered with cheap car insurance quotes. If your policy change has delivered a shocker, fill out your details here to see how much you could save.

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