Does Your Car Insurance Cover These 7 Loopholes?

The UK’s leading consumer advisers Which? has published a handy piece of their analyses relating to car insurance providers and their policies. Delving into the small print, significant discoveries show seven loopholes that could be missed by you.

As per usual, we have your back on this. Read on to ensure your car insurance policy covers these essential areas, as you could be easily mistaken in thinking you are covered when you’re not. 

Within the 39 policies that were examined, the most popular areas of car insurance that were found not to be covered were the following:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Incorrect fuel
  • Onward travel
  • Missing keys
  • Sunroof damage

Most car insurance providers will state that personal belongings are covered. However, almost half of the analysed policies found that if your mobile phone is busted or broken whilst in your own car, then you are not protected. 

It was surprising to learn that laptops and tablets were also not covered by 18% of the car insurance policies part of the study. Leading on from this, only a measly 5% of the policies included cash as being covered.

Are you guilty of using the wrong fuel in your car? The RAC has declared that a whopping 150,000 motorists confuse diesel and petrol in the UK every year. When you consider the possible damage to your car engine, it’s an astoundingly common but potentially disastrous problem. Putting the incorrect fuel in your motor could also result in severely pricey consequences. What’s worse is that a third of the 39 car insurance policies didn’t cover the wrong fuel at all, and 46% didn’t include it as standard.

Once again, the small print proves vital to read, as just over a quarter of the car insurance policies also didn’t cover onward travel.

If you’re someone who is always misplacing their keys, you could be in trouble, as 15% won’t provide cover if you’ve lost them. However, don’t despair as some do provide protection if your keys are stolen, rather than lost. 

If you have a glass sunroof, you may also need to consider reading through the fine print with a magnifying glass. 20% of the providers analysed showed glass cover didn’t actually include sunroofs, but just windscreens and windows.

These gaps within car insurance policies could be crucial, especially as most motorists might assume they’re covered under a standard policy. As we’re sure you know by now, shopping around for a cheap car insurance quote is the best way to keep policy costs down. However, it’s best to take a careful look at the small print and take the time to compare policies, as the loopholes mentioned could stack up the costs should you need to make a claim.

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