Ladies, this one is for you.

Happy International Women’s Day to all our lady drivers out there! This one is especially for you, so let’s celebrate by highlighting women’s contributions and everything they bring to the motor industry. Fellas, we hope you’re paying attention, and after you’ve read this, you’re going to want to treat the missus and give her car a sparkling clean!

You may remember seeing a study a couple of years ago that did the rounds across the internet, about women being safer drivers than men. It concluded that men were almost 4 times more likely to be guilty of an offence related to motoring, than women. Data published by the Department of Transport (last updated in February 2021) shows there is an incredible 40,564,134 full driving licence holders in the UK, with men making up 53.7% of the total – but women aren’t far behind at 46.3%.

Women have come a long way in the motor industry, and you’ll probably be aware of some car insurance companies creating policies that have been designed specifically with women in mind. There used to be car insurance companies and policies specifically for females too, but this became illegal after the ECJ ruled you cannot use consider gender when it comes to offering insurance, despite the statistics of women being safer drivers overall.

There are many notable females within the motor industry, and this post simply isn’t enough to give them the credit they deserve, so instead, we’ll mention some of the top ladies who pioneered the industry. Let’s start our engines with Bertha Benz; you may be able to guess which company she’s famous for! Taking her sons on a 56-mile drive, Bertha set out to showcase her husband Karl Benz’s creation of the automobile – the first of its kind. Bertha’s adventure was a marketing success, and she was able to highlight key issues so significant changes could be made, including leather lining to cover brakes.

You can also thank a woman for having windscreen wipers. That’s right – in 1903, Mary Anderson decided she’d had enough of struggling through the rain, and as cars didn’t originally come with wipers, she set about inventing them. You may also be surprised to learn that an American film star, Florence Lawrence, created indicators and braking signals after she became fed up with the number of car accidents on roads. Whilst these aren’t the electronic signals and brakes we know today, Florence certainly set things into motion. 

How different the motor world would be if it were not for these forward-thinking women, eh? Ladies, don’t forget to see which policies could work best for you, by browsing cheap car insurance deals right here.

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