What loyalty could cost you…

There are many of us who have been lucky enough to work from home during the dreaded UK lockdowns, meaning our vehicles have been crying out from the road, drive or garage, begging to be used. Own up… How many of you have ended up with a flat battery since last March? There’s been a real sense of complacency when it comes to looking after our motors, especially when they haven’t been used anywhere near as much as they used to. Could it be due to this that over 7.5 million of you allowed your car insurance policies to auto-renew?

This trend in auto-renewing car insurance policies has resulted in costing motorists an extra £2.1billion due to the additional payments made to their insurance providers, and a lack of shopping around for cheaper premiums. In comparison to this time last year, an additional 3million of you opted for auto-renewals which is a whopping 60% increase! Unfortunately, this loyalty to your providers means you could have lost out on nearly £277 for your pocket.

Whether you opt to pay monthly for your car insurance or go for an annual payment, shopping around is still essential to saving you money. Whilst many of us may not think of purchasing car insurance in the same way as buying a brand-new television or fridge freezer, the reality of the matter is that you would still spend time doing your research on these items; collecting evidence of pros and cons and determining what works out to be best and most cost-effective. The best thing to do is to compare your renewal price to other providers and read through the small print. You may think you’re getting a superb renewal deal, but unless you’ve spent the time to conduct research and made comparisons, how can you know for sure?

Car insurance is essential for your motor, so why not save some time and do yourself and your car a favour by using our cheap car insurance tool today, to see how you could save more instead of letting your policy auto-renew. You may be surprised at how much you could save – and you could even spend the extra pounds on new mats for your car, or a fancy new stereo! So, tell us. Are you one of the millions of motorists guilty of allowing your car insurance to auto-renew? 

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