Will you go green for £3,000?

In a bid to make the UK greener, the government has announced funding of £22million to be included in their ‘future transport’ initiative, despite a significant drop in the number of cars on the road due to the ongoing pandemic. So, if you’re currently driving a high-polluting car and live in a heavily populated area within the UK, you may want to put your thinking cap on now, and consider whether you’d be willing to get scrap your vehicle in return for up to £3,000 in credits.

The new government scheme is to be trialled for a couple of years in the West Midlands (Coventry, to be precise) and hopes to reduce the number of diesel and petrol cars on the road. In an attempt to lure motorists over to a more planet-friendly way of journeying, cut down on air pollution and reduce traffic congestion, these credits can go towards greener and alternative forms of travelling like public transport, electric scooters or bicycles. Taxis will also be included on the list along with car clubs. 

According to the Coventry mayor, the scheme already has several volunteers preparing to give up their cars in return for credits. Motorists who choose to opt in the scheme will be presented with £1,500 to £3,000 in credits, and there are talks of further trials and programmes extending to Hampshire. 

However, some have spoken out against the climate change fighting scheme, despite the initiative’s well-meaning aims. With many motor companies pledging to go greener, and government subsidies already in place to persuade people to invest in electric cars, it makes you wonder if the money could be utilised elsewhere. Just a few weeks ago, in another post, we discussed how additional electric charger points could be highly beneficial for the UK going forward. You may have also heard the recent news of Ford committing to peddle electric-powered vehicles only, throughout Europe by the year 2030, alongside Jaguar’s similar announcement with an earlier aim of 2025. Perhaps these are yet more reasons to support the installation of more charger points? 

The real question is, how do you feel about this? Do you think the new scheme will reduce motorists’ dependency on their cars, and more importantly, will it persuade you to get rid of yours? Alternatively, if you’re wondering what a greener future might hold in store for you as a motorist, you can always research and browse the best car insurance deals for electric cars now.

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