One less bump in the road

If you’ve not been driving much recently, as a result of Covid, you may not have noticed the frankly shocking state that some of our roads are in. Winter of course, always makes road conditions and the road itself worse than at other times of year, thanks to frost, snow, grit and extremes of temperature, but despite fewer cars out there, in places, our roads are having an absolute shocker.

You would have thought that lockdown, particularly the first one, this time last year, would have been the perfect time for the government to crack on and set about repairing some of the most badly affected roads, but as we all know, when it comes to governmental red tape, things aren’t ever quite as straightforward as we believe they should be.

So, it was good news, albeit a little late, this week, when the government announced a big cash bonus for the Potholes Fund, putting £500m in, to help repair Britain’s highways and roads. The cash, which must be spent before 2025, has been allocated to councils across Britain for essential road repairs. With each pothole estimated to cost £50 to repair, the UK could see over 10 million fixed, thanks to the cash from the Treasury. While this does not cover the costs of any major repairs and resurfacing work, we will all be glad of a less bumpy journey to and from our destinations. 

Potholes in the UK, cause motorists anything from (literal) bumps in the road, through to puncture-destroying tyre blowouts and, at worst, accidents. If you do suffer a puncture from a pothole, if it is safe, take a photo of the offending pothole and speak to your local council about the possibility of putting in a claim for the cost of your repair bill. If a pothole has caused greater damage, speak to your car insurance company, for guidance on whether to pursue a claim either via them or on their advice – many offer free advice helplines and they know far better than us what can and can’t be claimed for and how likely you are to be successful. You may even be able to claim some cost of any repair without claiming on your car insurance policy. As with anything in life – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  

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