Are you at risk of an accident in the snow?

It’s the time of year again, where snow is battering the country, with more forecast for this week. While kids and those at home may love a bit of the white stuff, if you’re a motorist with somewhere to be, setting out on a journey in the snow can be fraught with danger.

And it’s no better for other parts of the country, which are currently getting a battering from the rain, with flash floods and burst river banks up and down the UK.

In fact, if you live in Glasgow, Scotland, recent reports show that around 38% of all accidents happen over winter, as a result of heavy rain, ice or snowy conditions. It isn’t much better for the rest of the country, with 21% of all crashes in the UK taking place in winter. 

Treacherous conditions are nothing new, here in the UK, where we regularly see our fair share of ice, sleet, snow, winds, and heavy rain. But if you’re going to make a claim on your car insurance as a result of the winter weather, you need to be sure that your car was winter-ready. The one good thing this year is that as a result of lockdown, there are fewer cars on the road than usual, which should, hopefully, lead to fewer accidents (although of course, the fewer cars there may be, the faster drivers may be tempted to go, leaving them open to a bigger accident in winter weather).

In the top places for winter accidents, Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol also made the list of places where winter accidents were more likely. But if you haven’t had your car serviced recently or made sure your tyres were correctly inflated and all in full working order with correct tread depths. (we know, with all this lockdown, not taking the car for a service is easily done).  Making sure that any snow is cleared off your car (including from the roof) and windscreens are fully de-iced before you leave is a pain and not fun when the weather is appalling, but better that it’s done than be caught by the police (you could be prosecuted for dangerous driving). 

If you do get caught in an accident, make sure that you take note of any other drivers involved and take as many photos as you can, if you are safely able to do so. It may increase the cost of your car insurance when it comes to renewal time if you’ve had an accident, but still make sure you shop around for the best car insurance deal, to help keep costs down. Safe driving!

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