She’s (not) electric

If you’re considering treating yourself to a new electric car this year, you may wish to give some thought to where you live, before taking the plunge.

For many, electric cars are the way of the future, being cleaner, greener and more fuel-efficient. Government subsidies pave the way for new car buyers to purchase new electric vehicles at a discount, to help towards the UK’s plan for carbon neutrality. 

But how and where you can charge your car is a challenge. For those living in flats, or stuck with on-street parking, you may be eagerly anticipating the installation of many new charging points, which are meant to be coming to us all soon. In fact, the Government has subsidised a fund to help local councils install more of the charging points up and down the country. The subsidy could provide new charging points in 3,600 locations this year alone. However, councils are planning to only install a total of 9,317 charge points over the next four years in total, with 126 councils currently having no plans to install any charge points at all. 

This investment in local infrastructure means it will fall well short of Government expectations and will, experts have warned, create severe bottlenecks in the roll out of electric vehicles, before the proposed ban on any new petrol or diesel vehicles by 2030. 

This means that for every 175,000-electric plug in vehicles, there will be just one on-street charger installed between now and 2025. There are currently only 7,682 on-street chargers in the UK. The blame (for a change) cannot lie with the Government, who are doing what they can to promote take up for us all to go electric. Instead, it is down to councils including Hounslow, Nottinghamshire, Sunderland and Waltham Forest who all have no plans for any installations for the next four years. 

Sigh. Well, at least if you are considering buying an electric vehicle, when it comes to the best car insurance deals, we have you covered. You’d just better have your own charge point. 

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