Lockdown 3… The Final Chapter?

So, we are all officially back into lockdown for the foreseeable and as a result, many of you will be leaving that car at home again, for the time being. What a start to the new year! And it seems that this time around, the government really aren’t playing, with fines being dished out for even shorter journeys, like the two women last week who drove a few miles to meet up for a walk together and found themselves being fined £200 for the privilege. It sounds insane, but none of us should be taking the risk to do these things if the government is cracking down like this. There are even rumours that even more draconian measures are on their way.

But, with vaccinations being rolled out and the prospect of a somewhat normal summer ahead, if you failed to take advantage of shaving a bit off your car insurance costs last year, you may wish to do so this lockdown. Many insurance companies will offer a rebate on your car insurance costs if you are now working from home or have seen a significant reduction in your annual mileage from the amount you stated when you bought your car insurance policy. 

While not all companies are offering such a deal, others are, so it is worth going back to your car insurance policy and checking the annual mileage you claimed and giving your car insurance company a call to see what they are offering. You may find you have a few extra quid in your pocket as a result.

And, if your car insurance is due soon, don’t forget to check online for the best possible deal using our quote tool and make sure any reduced mileage that you are doing as a result of this lockdown is factored into your data you supply for your car insurance quote. 

The prospect of this lockdown isn’t cute or pretty, but at least we can hope that this really is the last time and we can get back to something approaching normal in the next few months. In the meantime, stay safe. 

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