Where you park matters

Given that for many of us, we weren’t out and about this Christmas break (thanks, Boris), and with the way things are going, potentially we are all facing another lockdown of the magnitude we saw earlier this year, we thought we would put our fingers in our ears, pretend life is normal and, assuming that you, like us, will be seeing a lot more of your cars parked at home, rather than them being actually out on the road, we would turn our attention to the places where you park around your home.

You would think that parking your car in a locked garage would be the place that would cost you the least in car insurance premiums, right? Well, think again, because it doesn’t even make the top 3 on the insurance companies’ playlist. 

In fact, a good old-fashioned carport is the place that will hit you the least on your car insurance premiums. Not common, but if you have one and you use it, make sure you note it down on your car insurance forms. 

First and least expensive is keeping your car on your driveway, closely followed by keeping your vehicle on the street outside your home – but there is a whacking great £140 average in car insurance costs between the two, so if you have the option, you know what to do. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, keeping your car on a road away from your home is the most expensive option, which is bad news for those who live in cities where finding a space somewhere close to where you live can often prove to be impossible, and also for those who work away from home in the week. 

As always, if your car is left out on the street or even in your drive, be smart in making sure it isn’t an attractive prospect to thieves – lock up and don’t leave any valuables visible to would-be opportunists. If you do have to park on the street, consider a dash-cam, or, if it’s outside your home, think about adding some CCTV that can pick up any would-be thieves. 

Finally, if you are facing the prospect of being locked down again for the foreseeable, don’t forget to give your car a regular run out to keep the battery charged, and keep an eye on tyre pressures and antifreeze and oil and water levels.

Things are changing fast for us all right now but we hope that whatever you do and wherever you are, you stay safe, stay well and enjoy the new year – it can only get better from here, right?

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