(Not) Driving Home For Christmas?

With new lockdown measures rushing in this weekend, it seems like Christmas is off the cards for many of us, But, if you are in tier 2 and are still planning on heading out on a journey this week or to see loved ones this lockdown, it’s good news, as, even before this most recent announcement, Christmas traffic is predicted to halve this year, compared to the more usual volumes of cars on the road. 

While the government has relaxed the rules around travel for Christmas Day, to allow loved ones to meet and friends and families to responsibly reconcile, just 24 per cent of drivers are saying that they have plans to travel during this period, which equates to just shy of 8 million motorists, less than half of the more usual 17-19 million who hit the road for Christmas. 

While the actual number may actually be a bit higher than the survey suggests, it is a fraction of those who normally travel, despite many rail and public transport links not operating over Christmas in a bid to deter unnecessary travel. 

The survey suggests that most people had planned to be making their journeys on Christmas Eve, while the busiest day around shopping centres is forecasted to have been December 19th, when people hit the high street for those last-minute gifts. For much of the country now, time for Christmas gift shopping is over, so the expected second peak for shopping traffic on December 23rd will likely not happen.

Given that most of us have used our car less this year, driving organisations are recommending people check their vehicles carefully before getting on the road, to ensure their brakes, water and tyre pressures are correct as they should be.

It will undoubtedly be unlike any other Christmas we have experienced in our lifetime, but if you are heading out, be sure that you are not only taking COVID precautions for a safe trip, but that your car is in shape to make the journey too.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas from the team here at Cheap Car Insurance!  

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