More Car Insurance Mythbusting

After the popularity of last week’s article, we thought we’d do our bit for car insurance transparency and bust a few more of those myths that everyone wants to believe are true, but actually, aren’t’.

Keeping your car in the garage = cheaper car insurance

Not necessarily. And especially if your garage is in a block and not attached to your house. Even if you live in a big house (lucky you) and have a separate garage building in the grounds of your property, you may find it’s more expensive on your insurance policy if your car could be parked somewhere more visible or better lit. 

Non-fault claims won’t affect your car insurance premium.

We’re a bit troubled by this one. It’s sad but true that if you are involved in an accident that has nothing to do with you besides you being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could still find yourself paying the price when it comes to your car insurance renewal. And always be sure to protect your no claims bonus if you can.

You automatically get a courtesy car if you need one.

Only if you’ve paid for one and your car is fully written off or in the garage for an extended period of time. And not only that, some car insurance policies are worded so that you will only be given a courtesy car subject to one being available. So, don’t bank on being fully mobile immediately after your car becomes a write off. 

You hear it said a lot, but when it comes to car insurance, it always is worth checking the small print to be sure of what is and isn’t on your policy. And if in doubt, phone your insurer and ask them. If you do and don’t like what you see, why not try our free quote tool, to see what other car insurance policies are out there. One quick form and the results come to you. Minimum fuss, maximum gain. If only the rest of the car insurance world were so easy.

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