Busting Car Insurance Myths

As we settle into another lockdown, you may be thinking about calling up your insurer to adjust your mileage if you’re being forced into another spell of working from home and we say… do it! If your mileage will decrease by a few thousand miles and you have a car insurance policy that does not require additional changes to your policy to be paid for, then you seriously have nothing to lose and probably a few quid to gain. 

But this week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the myths that people belive when it comes to car insurance, that may not be what you think and, even worse, may find you winding up in trouble.

Myth 1 – If you have comprehensive car insurance, you can drive other cars:

Not necessarily true. It used to be that once you were over 25, this was automatically applied to your comprehensive car insurance policy, but this isn’t now usually the case. You need to ensure your car insurance policy has a Driving Other Cars permission and are a named driver, otherwise you could be fined and points added to your license. 

Myth 2 – You don’t need to inform your insurer of any driving convictions until your policy is due for renewal, or if they are over three years old.

Many of us kinda know this is true, but some choose to ignore the truth that not notifying your insurer immediately can land you in trouble.  And because some penalties are only valid for three years, some of us ‘forget’ to include those convictions which are more than three, but less than five years old. Regardless of whether or not your conviction has expired, if it happened in the last five years, you are duty bound to inform your insurer. 

Myth 3 – That we choose lower cover than we need because we think it will be cheaper. 

Some people always choose third party insurance in the belief that it is the cheapest option, but that isn’t always the case. Or they neglect to choose ‘driving for business’ cover, because they think it will incur higher costs. 

It’s simple – you get caught out, you’ll pay the price, either financially or in penalty points. So, make sure when you’re renewing your car insurance policy that you make the right decisions.

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