It’s Time to Change

Finally, it feels as though car insurance is starting to heave itself, kicking and screaming, out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. Up until now, we all knew the process. Fill out loads of forms, dig out those penalty points and the dates you got them, calculate your annual mileage and be clear on where you were taking your car and how you were using it. And, unless there were changes that would wind up costing you more money that you were legally obliged to notify your insurer of, that was it for the next 12 months. 

But it seems that the COVID crisis, coupled with some new and disruptive players in the car insurance market have started to force some change. New players are offering car insurance policies that are based not on all the box ticking criteria, but purely on the miles you travel and your driving history. Use your car a few times a week for a trip to the shops, and you pay less than someone using their car for a big commute each day. It’s a refreshing and long-overdue change. 

Another change that has come in is that insurers are starting to allow customers to make changes to their policy that will not just cost their customers money, but also help them save it too. Previously, make a change downwards in your predicted mileage or the reasons you use your car for, and you could expect to pay an administration charge that would often negate any savings you may make. But now, with the increased competition and the threat of people taking their business elsewhere, this is finally starting to change. So, if you’ve got a big difference in your annual mileage and think you may be able to make some savings, get on the phone and see if you can update your policy with a waived amendment fee. You may even be able to cancel free of charge and take advantage of a new, cheaper car insurance policy. And that is something that we may just be able to help you out with. 

What are you waiting for? Put in the call to your insurer, see if you can change or cancel without penalty and take a look at what may be out there to save you a few quid. 

You’re welcome. 

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