Can you switch car insurance policies mid-term?

It’s been a strange one, 2020. We’ve locked down, we’ve re-emerged and now it seems that later today, we may be back locking down once more. As well as playing havoc with our lives, our jobs and our mental health, it appears it is also playing havoc with our car insurance policy premiums too.

When we were just into lockdown the first time around, we suggested speaking to your car insurance provider to revise your annual mileage. As it looks like things are continuing as they were for many and about to grind to a halt again for others, it seems that the time is right to re-review those mileage claims. If you’re working from home and look set to continue to do so for the foreseeable, do you really need to include the commuting part of the SDCP (Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting)? 

Many car insurance companies would ordinarily charge a fee to amend details on your policy, but in this extraordinary year, many have waived these fees for the time being, allowing changes to be made without incurring a charge for the administration. 

It’s also worth shopping around to see if a total switch may be worth your while if your circumstances are dramatically different from when you first took on the policy. Use our free quote tool and see what the best deals out there may offer you now and if you can benefit from making substantial savings from a new provider. If the numbers are significant, then it’s worth checking your own policy and any updated terms and conditions that they have implemented since lockdown to see if you can still save after paying any exit fees from your existing policy. 

Life looks like it is about to get complicated for many of us, all over again. So, it’s worth checking to see if you can save a little because you may end up really needing it.

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