September Plates and MOT’s

So, here we are in September already, and while we all enjoy the last of the sunshine before we hunker down in to a winter of possible discontents, second waves and goodness knows what else, today is the day that many of you will be rushing out to buy a new registration car. 

Yes, the 70 plate vehicles are out there, and with car sales down a whopping 43% compared to last year, there are details to be had. You can expect to bag a saving of around 7.7% on the list price of a new car with a bit of haggling, although many cars are already offering far greater savings, closer to 20%. A Nissan Qashqai, a VW Touran or a Mercedes E Class are all waiting for deals to be done this autumn. So, if you are in the market, we suggest you get out there and get a deal done. 

However, with strong rumours swirling that the chancellor is about to wallop fuel duty, you may want to consider the move to an electric, hybrid or diesel, rather than a typical gas-guzzler. 

For those of you with no plans for a new car, you may have taken advantage of the pause on getting your car MOT’s. Well, it’s time to get your skates on and get it done, as the extensions is coming to an end and up to four million motorists could be at risk of being on the streets in an illegal car. 

Making sure you do the right thing and get it MOT’s is vital as failing to do so could cost you – a fine of up to £1000. And, if you are one of the ones who need that MOT, we suggest you book it now, as the word on the street is that there will not be enough test slots available for everyone, as there are up to 11.3 million cars needing to be tested. 

MOTs are something we all usually leave to the last minute – facts show that usually two in five of us book their MOT within three days or less of an MOT expiry date. But now is not the time for this last-minute approach as as many as 4.3 million motorists could be left high and dry as a result of the surge in tests.

If you are in Reading, Dumfries, Paisley, Swindon, or Sheffield, you need to get on it at the double as these are the hotspots where people are least likely to find a test available.

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