Car Insurance Is Changing

We all know the score when it comes to renewing our car insurance policy.

You wait for the perfect moment to begin looking (around three weeks before your renewal date), then begins the search for the best deals (using our free quote tool, of course).

You carefully peruse what is on offer, comparing features and benefits, play around and see if there are any legitimate tweaks that you can make to keep the cost low, and then you finally feel ready to be able to work out which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Once you’ve found ‘the one,’ then it’s a matter of putting on your game face, getting on the phone to negotiate like a beast to see if you can get the best possible price and squeeze those last few pounds out of your car insurance broker.

But, great drivers of the UK, it appears that car insurance is changing. First, there was new service who insures cars on how many miles they drive each year. (Game changer, if you ask us). It works on a really simple premise  – if you don’t drive far, your accident risk is reduced and so they don’t charge the same as someone who had exactly the same background as you, but who drives ten times as far as you.  Because they have a higher accident risk, the cost of their policy increases accordingly. Smart, right? 

And this week LV has announced another, more flexible approach to car insurance for younger drivers. They have created ‘flexible’ car insurance. As well as a much faster application process, with drivers only being asked to answer 14 questions, rather than the pages that are normally required, it is a pay monthly service, that can be changed as and when without incurring any charges. There are no instalment fees and no admin costs.

Here at Cheap Car Insurance, we say it’s about time! For too long the industry has failed to move on and failed to offer either transparency or value for money. The way it’s been done is old, slow and out of touch. So, we think it’s brilliant that finally, people are looking to disrupt that and come up with new and innovative ways to sell us cheaper car insurance. 

Of course, saving out customers time is something we’ve been doing forever already. Just complete our quick quote tool and wait for the offers to come to you. 

Because we’re all about making life easy.

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