Policy Changes Post-COVID Could See Premiums Rise

Well, the weekend was a bit of a washout – how was it where you are? Were the pubs rammed to the rafters, or were they the picture of civilised behaviour? We have to say, we didn’t venture out with all the F1 and football on TV to watch, we were quite happy at home, but a drive to a local country pub is definitely on the agenda at some time soon. Overall though, it appears the great British public actually behaved themselves and didn’t go overboard for once. 

The bad news we have heard over the weekend is that despite, as we have often reported, car insurance claims dropping dramatically over lockdown, the insurers seem determined to squeeze more out of us, with Which? reporting that up to 10 million of us could be facing higher insurance premiums now lockdown in ending.

How so?

Simply because people don’t feel safe to commute using public transport. A study found that a whopping 61% intended to drive to work post-lockdown, compared to just 34% who were using their car before COVID-19 hit.

That’s up to 10 million more cars on the road than before, and inevitably, that’s going to have a knock-on effect on accidents, claims and of course, our car insurance premiums. 

If you are about to start using your car for work, you’ll need to ensure that your cover includes commuting, not just the ‘social, domestic and pleasure that it may have previously been.

Which of course, comes at a premium. For some users, it could be as much as an extra few hundred quid a year, and that’s before you add in any congestion charge payments, parking charges and the extra fuel costs. It’s going to be a costly solution for many.

How long the uptick in people avoiding public transport will be, remains to be seen. Hopefully, as the virus dies down, confidence in public transport returns and the additional traffic on the road is reduced back down to pre-COVID levels. 

In the meantime, allow for extra time getting to your destination in rush hour and extra costs on your car insurance. The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom – even if policies are on the up, we have the best deals here, without you needing to put in the legwork – just fill out our form, and let the best car insurance deals come to you.

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