Don’t Drink and Drive this Weekend

Another week passes and we are fast approaching 100 days since the UK locked down, and while restrictions here in the UK continue to ease, with pubs, restaurants and hairdressers all reopening next weekend, over the pond in America many states are re-imposing lockdown restrictions as a result in a resurgence of cases. Will it be the same here? Who knows, but for now, there are more and more people put on the road as life attempts to regain some semblance of normality.

And for those of us who are eagerly anticipating the return of the Sunday lunch in a country pub beer garden, all washed down with a cool glass of something nice, a leading road traffic lawyer is trying to metaphorically pee on your roast potatoes by urging the government to force pubs to close off their car parks before being allowed to reopen. Yes, the fun police suggest that doing so would not only discourage drunk driving, but give pubs more outdoor space in which to serve customers.

All well and good, if you live within staggering distance of a decent boozer, but for those who live a little further afield, what is supposed to happen? And let’s not forget that many of us are adult enough to have a designated driver who is not drinking who isn’t a teenager who can be tempted into necking a sneaky pint or two. 

Is it a case of the more irresponsible drinkers ruining it for the rest of us? Or is it simply a measure that needs to happen to keep us all safe?

It goes without saying that we never drink drive and nor do we condone it, but it feels yet again like a move by the nanny state to control the responsible in an attempt to stop the odd one or two who have the potential to ruin it all for everyone.

Not only that, but spare a thought for those country pubs who rely heavily on business from outside of the local area, who will already be hit hard by the recent lockdown, hit again by the reduced capacity in the bar as a result of social distancing, particularly given the unpredictability of the British weather which could see beer gardens ruled out as rain stops play. So many of these depend not just on alcohol sales, but on food sales too and an enforced car park closure could put the kibosh on any of these returning to profitability any time soon. 

Let’s hope the government sees sense and the great British public don’t treat this weekend as silly season and ruin it for the rest of us. It goes without saying that there is most likely to be a high number of traffic police on the road stopping and breathalyzing, and being prosecuted can, of course, lead to far worse consequences than a few points on your license. It could mean jail and a driving ban.

If you are venturing out, stay safe, don’t drink and drive and remember to keep your distance, not just on the road, but in the pubs too.

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