Accidental Damage Claims Up as Lockdown Eases

Another week dawns, and with it comes the easing of yet more lockdown restrictions. If the rumours are true, you’re all out there queuing to get into Primarni and Next right now and beating a path to Bluewater. 

But if you are going to venture out, do so with caution. Latest reports are showing that car insurance claims for accidental damage have skyrocketed in recent weeks, up a whopping average of 39% between May 13-26, compared to the same period the week earlier. The south central and north east regions seem worst hit, with claims up 48% and 42% respectively. London also saw increases of 42% on car insurance claims for accidental damage. 

Accidental damage claims include things like reversing into bollards (we’ve all seen those tell-tale dents in people’s cars), scrapes with shopping trolleys and collisions with debris in the road. 

As we reported last week, it seems people are woefully out of practice at driving and what would previously have been second nature is taking a while for them to pick back up and get on top of. Over 76% of drivers questioned said they thought driving skills would deteriorate if motorists had not driven for a long time, and it appears that the stats are backing those thoughts up. 

If you are a little road-rusty, it’s not a bad idea to take your car out for a few short spins before you think about driving any great distances. This not only gives you the chance to brush up your skills, but for you to ensure the condition of your vehicle is as it should be and there are no issues that have arisen as a result of leaving your car parked up for some time.

Try and recall back to your driving test, take a leisurely few miles drive, take a moment to practice your parallel park somewhere quiet and reverse around a corner or two. Turn off the radio and remove any distractions the first few times you’re back behind the wheel. Err on the side of caution, at least for now and take things slowly until you’re back into your groove. Because times are hard, and the last thing anyone needs is an increase in their annual car insurance policy as a result of some silly accident that you could have avoided. 

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