Out and About this Weekend?

This bank holiday weekend has seen an uptick in people venturing out and about, some for the first time since lockdown. And why not? The weather is glorious, it’s a long weekend… why wouldn’t you?

On the flipside, there’s also a number of vigilantes out and about posting signs on the roadside, telling tourists to keep away, and not descend on them en masse. 

It’s easy to see both sides, but what about where you stand legally? (What do you mean, you don’t understand the government guidance – it’s really clear… allegedly. And that’s before we even start to question whether or not a certain Dominic Cummings is subject to the same rules as the rest of us).

Well, you can go to garden centres and the DIY stores are now open to all, without fear of ending up being scorned by some tabloid photographer, keen to show how people are breaking the rules with abandon.

You can go out in your car to meet a friend in a public place, so long as you keep your distance and you are alone, or they are alone (so, two couples can’t go and meet up), and you also couldn’t go around to their house and sit in their garden and do the same thing, for some reason.

Obviously, you can jump in your car to get to work, assuming your workplace is back open – and quite honestly, this is the safest option, over public transport. 

You can get in your car and drive to a park, area of natural beauty or a beach without limits (so long as you don’t cross the border into Wales or Scotland, who have different regulations in place.) But do bear in mind that the locals aren’t best pleased to be dealing with a bunch of day trippers, plus public loos remain closed, so you need to be close enough to home to safely manage any bathroom needs you will have).

And do expect to get some stick, if you’re travelling from far away, like the woman who took her family over 1.5 hours away to the beach, and complained about how annoyed she was that others had done the same thing and how inconsiderate they are. Or the man interviewed drinking beer on Brighton beach who thought that lockdown in the UK should be much stricter than Spain, but that obviously didn’t apply to him. Have a bit of good judgement and don’t just go where you please – stay local and try and choose somewhere quiet, that isn’t likely to be flooded with day-trippers.

You are allowed to car share, but you aren’t allowed to visit second homes or go on holiday anywhere, including taking a camper van or caravan away. 

If you are shielding, you should stay at home until at least the end of June.

If you are out and about, do bear in mind the fact that you don’t need an MOT doesn’t mean your car can be un-roadworthy or unsafe and if it hasn’t been driven in a while, it’s essential to give it a good check over, top up the oil, water and screenwash and make sure you have the correct air pressure in your tyres.  And don’t forget to make sure your car insurance is up to date – particularly if you temperately reduced your mileage as a result of lockdown. And if you do need the most competitive car insurance quotes direct to your inbox… you know what to do

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