Slowing Down in Quieter Times

Disturbing news reaching us this week is that some road users are taking advantage of fewer cars on the road and using it as an opportunity to test the go faster limits of their cars. 

Over this weekend, UK police have reported a number of cases of drivers using the quieter roads to see just how fast they can go, including one COVIDIOT who was clocked at 151 MPH on the M1. In some areas, cases of speeding were up a huge 20% on this time last month, and telematics (black box) manufacturers are seeing far more instances of erratic driving, thanks to the quieter driving conditions. 

Meanwhile, in Manchester a Golf driver was caught doing 106 MPH. While we’re certain the temptation is there to test the limits while the roads are quiet, with up to 73% less traffic than normal, the issues faced are that well, first of all, it’s massively against the law. Secondly, the police have far better things to be doing than chasing idiots up and down motorways and A-roads. And thirdly, it’s really a question of what if the worst should happen and a crash happen? Does A&E have the capability to safely help RTA’s right now, when they have slightly more pressing matters to be dealing with? We imagine they would have precious little sympathy and for those caught out. 

That’s before the issue of car insurance even comes into it. You shouldn’t need us to remind you that a charge of dangerous driving could potentially invalidate your car insurance policy, result in a heavy points penalty being imposed and of course a steep fine and potentially even a jail sentence. 

If times like these should show us anything, it’s to stay safe and within the law not just for ourselves, but for the greater good of society. However tempting that empty stretch of road looks. 

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