Car Insurance and Coronavirus – What you Need to Know

We are in a time of change and a whole world of unknowns. But, good news from car insurers this week. They have collectively agreed to lay off the absolute rules a little in these turbulent times. That’s not to say you all have carte blanche to go around invalidating your policies as you please, but there is a little relaxing of rules that many will find helpful… and something to beware of too…

  1. Key workers don’t need to report any excessive miles or parking changes on their policy. If you’re a frontline or key worker, and travelling more frequently to your place of work, or parking somewhere other than your usual place where your car would be kept at work or overnight, you can relax. It’s covered. No need to call and report these changes. Likewise, if you’re travelling more than your estimated annual mileage as a result of being on the frontline, no need to call your insurers to tell them.
  2. MOT due? You have six months extra to get it done. No need to worry about having a valid certificate to get your Road Tax or Insurance right now. HMRC have given everyone an extra six months to get their cars MOT’d.
  3. Have an accident because your car isn’t roadworthy? Forget using the ‘no MOT’ clause to escape being prosecuted. It’s no excuse for balding tyres or an unroadworthy vehicle that could be a danger to yourself or others. 
  4. If you are helping others and transporting food or medicine for others, likewise, you don’t need to change the terms of your insurance policy. Good news for those who signed up to help the NHS or are helping vulnerable neighbours or family. 
  5. If you are using your car for non-essential journeys, your insurance may be invalidated. So, if you get into trouble when you’re visiting family or enjoying a nice countryside drive in the good weather and get into trouble, if you don’t have a valid reason for being there in the first place, you may land yourself in hot water. 

We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and check back next week to see what is new in the world of car insurance news. In the meantime, if your policy is due for renewal, you can use our handy quote tool to find the best deal out there, to help ensure we keep life running as smoothly as possible in these trying times. 

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