Keeping Cars Safe During Coronavirus

Okay, so we’ve not spoken about it so much, until now, but as a driver, what should you be doing to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak?

It’s easy to think that our cars are our safe haven, our protective little bubble against the world but a recent study shows that car steering wheels can be up to four times dirtier than a toilet seat. And that there are, on average, 700 different types of bacteria in your car at any one time. Yes, you who doesn’t have your car valeted regularly – how are you feeling? Slightly nauseous, with a tinge of regret? Damn right.

So what can we do?

Clean your car: Most of you are off work now, the sun is shining, so get out there and give it a damn good clean. Inside and out. (Do NOT take it somewhere to get cleaned). Do it yourself. Wear gloves while you clean and give it a really good going over. Hoover the floors and seats, give the footwell mats a good wash and show your dashboard, buttons, gear stick and steering wheel the kind of love they deserve. Get the antibacterial spray out and make sure every area is covered, especially if you use a touchscreen sat-nav. Clean your door handles, inside and out. Then clean them again. Don’t forget your boot. Give it a good clean and think about putting in cleanable plastic boxes for placing supermarket bags in. 

We should all be cutting down our journeys now, but when you do stop for petrol, think about how many other hands have just touched that petrol pump. Take a stash of disposable gloves with you and use them. Now is not the time to worry that you are going to look like a bit of a pillock. 

Same with stopping to answer the call of nature on the road. Wear gloves and be careful about using elbows to open doors. If you can’t get hold of gloves, use tissues. It’s all too easy to sit there in traffic and absent-mindedly touch your face (yes, we’re looking at you, nose-pickers at traffic lights). 

As soon as you get where you are going, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 

And, while we are at it, don’t forget to clean your phone/laptop/iPad/whatever you use to read up on the best car insurance site on the internet with. 

And, yes, you will still need to make sure your car is insured during these difficult times. More on that, next week.

(On the upside, all speed awareness courses are closed for now – got to take the positives, right?)

Stay safe everyone. 

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