While the world panics, don’t overlook these things that may invalidate your car insurance

Yes, as everyone gets themselves in a state about coronavirus and what it may mean, tightening the purse strings is a prudent move, including being sure you have the best possible deal for your car insurance policy.

What will happen? We don’t know, but we are wondering how many of you will get away with cancelled speed awareness courses over the coming months. The government has a lot to figure out.

But, while we’re not all confined to our homes (for now at least), there’s no excuse for making sure your car is fully insured for that early morning dash to find loo roll and pasta. 

If, for example, you like many others dash out on a cold morning, put the keys in the ignition and leave the car running to de-ice the window, and your car is stolen, guess whose fault it is? That’s right, yours. You won’t be covered. Likewise, in the heat of the summer and you choose to drive in flip flops and have an accident? Same – you’re potentially not covered.  Even a sticker on your windscreen or rear windscreen could be classed as a modification that could see your policy invalidated. 

Lift sharing? If you get any more than a percentage of your fuel costs, again, you could be seen as profiting from your vehicle and need to change to a commercial vehicle policy. The named driver on a car mostly used by your child? Watch out, that could backfire too.

We’ve already warned against unrestrained pets in vehicles, which can, if they cause an accident, similarly have consequences when it comes to insurance. It should go without saying that if your car is due a service, make sure it is done now. Who knows how many garages will be forced to close as a result of coronavirus and there will likely be more than enough to concern ourselves with, in the months ahead than getting a service done. 

We know, as if there isn’t enough to worry about going on in the world right now. But all we are saying is don’t just auto-renew your car insurance and hope for the best. Think about how you drive and what you are doing and if there are any changes you need to make to ensure you are covered for all road-based eventualities. At a time when so much looks so uncertain, limiting our risk seems the smart thing to do. 

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