The best new cars for young drivers

We all know that young drivers get absolutely hammered when it comes to the best car insurance deals. Quite often, the cost of the annual insurance premiums can be as much as the cost of the car itself for the newly qualified on the road. Even with the advent of black boxes which were intended to help drive down costs, they still can run into thousands of pounds in those first few years. That said, be glad you’re looking at it now – back in 2012, the average first-year policy for a 17-year-old was a huge £3,392. 

One way to help manage this, is by choosing a car with the lowest insurance premiums for young drivers, but which cars are they?

Let’s take a look:

Peugeot 107: The cheapest for insurance, with a cost of around £1,114, but can be found as low as £740 for that first year on the road.

Citroën C1: £1181, lowest price £784, for a 1 litre or 1.2 litre engine.

Toyota Aygo: £1182, lowest price £736. Small and inexpensive for those early driving years.

Ford KA: £1225, lowest £659. This is one your kids may be willing to be seen dead in, and with one of the lowest prices out there, it could make a smart first choice.

Fiat 500: £1,281, as low as £747. This is one most young girls would love to have as a first car. Maybe less so the guys, with its distinctive and somewhat girly features. 

For the guys, their first choice would likely be the Volkswagen Polo, with an average cost of £1347, but a lowest premium of £547. 

Another favourite with all young drivers is the Renault Clio, with a price of £1,362, as low as £817. Getting more expensive now, but again, what young future racing driver wouldn’t be wanting his own first hot hatch. Just make sure you choose the black box option to keep things sensible. 

Whichever model you and your new driver choose, be sure to look for a solid model with good reliability and strong crash protection. And be sure to check out the most competitive car insurance quotes here at Cheap Car Insurance to make sure you’re getting the best deal on the market.

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