Are you being scammed?

If the recent appaling weather and the threat of Coronavirus aren’t enough to be worried about, news this week is that the DVLA has seen a 20% surge in fraud against us, the humble British motorists.

There were a record 1,538 reports made to the DVLA between October – December 2019. 

This is down to a rapid rise in fake DVLA websites, dodgy emails pertaining to be from them and text and social media messages. Where do these guys get off trying to rip people off?

The most common one seems to be a hoax message telling people that they have an outstanding vehicle tax refund that is a result of an overpayment. 

The reality is, that if the DVLA did owe money from an overpayment, that money is automatically generated at the time an owner tells the DVLA that a vehicle has been scrapped or sold. 

Then there are the messages that show a range of services, including removal of points and adding more categories to licenses, which, it should go without saying, is simply not possible.

Then of course, there are companies who promise a legitimate UK driving license just by paying money, which, again, are not real.

It goes without saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is and it goes without saying that DVLA, like other government agencies, do not ever allow removal of points without a court case to overturn them, or allow drivers to add new classes to their licenses without taking the proper tests and checks.

Any refunds due would be paid automatically, and, if you feel that you may be owed money by them, you need to contact the DVLA directly to speak to them about it. Do not ever be tempted to reply to any email, text message or social media message. Check the DVLA website for information on any of the services you are looking for and go through them, not a third party. Finally, if you are sent any scams or suspicious messages, the DVLA encourage you to report them to them. 

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